Thursday 16th February 2006 - westerly gales and an increasing ground swell - from the remains of the low pressure that dumped 26" of snow on New York

These dramatic night-time images were captured by Tim Stevens at high water with the harbour lit by the lifeboat station slipway lights and the harbour lights.
A succession of swells fills the harbour ....
Moments later, the `outdraft` takes out the water to past half tide mark ....
Another big set fills the harbour with the breakwater virtually covered ...lifeboat launching slip on right of image
Harbour again full to high water spring tide mark.

The common and obvious question is could the lifeboat launch in these conditions - the answer is yes, but it is a very cautious operation with the boat ready at the top of the slipway with engines running. The pattern of sea approaching from the west through The Tribbens is watched and eventually a `smooth` between sets of swells can be picked and the boat launched. The movement of huge quantities of water like this creates very strong currents and there may well be anything up to ten knots of current running across the launching slipway at times.

PLEASE NOTE - these images are © Tim Stevens .... e-mail Tim