Sennen Cove ~ 2nd February 2009

Snow was forecast, and just for once it clipped the far west of Cornwall
Here are some images of this event - the first significant snowfall here since February 1991.

Click on images for 600 x 400 pixel version in new browser window.

Looking pretty grim on the way to St Just at 0800

Covering on the car park quite quickly ...

Snowing heavily and sticking on Pedn men du

Old pay & display machine quite happy to issue tickets even in the snow !

This lorry lost control at the top of the hill and with a smart piece of driving, the driver managed to stick it into Kevin`s hedge ... better than going over the hill !

Several cars became stuck and were abandoned in Cove Hill. An ambulance and a Police Car were towed out by the harbour tractor ....happy days !!!


Snow on the rocks and also on the sand on the harbour beach around noon - temperature -3C

Black Hut and Sunny Corner Lane well covered

Another view of the Cove and Pedn men du

Plenty of snow towards St Just and Cape Cornwall

Plenty of sledging going on in the distance ... surfboards, bodyboards, plywood - it all worked !

More threatening skies to the north ...

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