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Sennen Cove Inshore Lifeboat ~ Service Launches 2003

Tuesday 7th October
`Spirit of the A.C.C.`
The `Spirit of the A.C.C.` launched at 1406 to assist a canoeist who had capsized and was in danger of being washed onto the rocks between Sennen Beach and the lifeboat station.
In difficult conditions, the casualty and his canoe were recovered and landed at the Cove.
Crew :- Dan Shannon, Liam Baker, Richard Brown.
Weather:- Westerly force 6, moderate sea, 3m swell.

Sunday 28th September
`Spirit of the A.C.C.`
The `Spirit of the A.C.C.` launched at 1630 to assist the Land`s End Coastguard Team in investigating a report of a possible person over the cliff near the Irish Lady, between Sennen and Land`s End.
Target of concern turned out to be a large area of white bird droppings!
Crew :- Dan Shannon, Liam Baker, Lee Maddern

Monday 18th August
`Spirit of the A.C.C.`
The `Spirit of the A.C.C.` launched at 1015 to assist the Sennen Cove fishing boat `Tamara` , broken down just to the west of the station with one person on board.
Vessel towed back to Sennen Cove
Crew :- Ben George, Richard Brown, Ollie George

Sunday 3rd August
`Spirit of the A.C.C.`
The `Spirit of the A.C.C.` launched at 1455 following reports of a swimmer or diver in difficulties close under Hella Point, Porthgwarra. Casualty rescued apparently safe and well by helicopter just before arrival of ILB.
Crew :- Andrew Tonkin, Rich Marsden, Ben George

Monday 30th June
Relief D Class
The relief D Class inshore lifeboat launched this afternoon at 1500 to evacuate an injured crewman from the fishing vessel "BenMchree" .
The lifeboat was back at the Cove by 1600 and the casualty packed off to hospital with an injured thumb.
Crew :- Ben George, Ollie George, Richard Brown

Friday 11th April
D Class D 490 "Spirit of the A.C.C.
The Relief D Class ILB launched today at 1500 to stand by slavage operations at the wreck of the RMS Mulheim during attempts to float off the jack-up rig. This attempt was abandoned and the ILB returned to station at 1530
Crew :- Mohammed al Sharrif, Liam Baker, Ollie George

Friday 28th March
D Class D 490 "Spirit of the A.C.C.
"Voluntary Worker " and Sennen Cove ILB launched today at 1525 to after four salvage workers become trapped on the wreck of the "RMS Mulheim" due to fog.
The men were taken off the ship by the ILB , transferred to the ALB and both boats returned to Sennen at 1600.
Weather : easterly 3 , mist.
Crew :- Ben George, Steve Sinclair

Saturday 22nd March
D Class D 490 "Spirit of the A.C.C.
"Voluntary Worker "and the "Spirit of the A.C.C." launched today at 0500 to assist the German cargo vessel "RMS Mulheim" , ashore between Sennen Cove and Lands End; 6 persons on board. Lands End Cliff Rescue Team and a rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose
The ship`s crew were taken off by the helicopter and landed at Sennen Cove where they were taken into the care of the Lifeboat Station and then to the Seamans` Mission at Newlyn.
The ship is probably a constructive total loss.
Weather fine with light easterly winds and 3 - 5m swell.
Crew :- Ben George, Steve Sinclair
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