Kenidjack Valley, St.Just . Another superb birdwatching spot and classic Cornish Valley.

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Kenidjack Valley ,St.Just

Kenidjack Road Kenidjack Cove Aerial
 The beautiful wooded Kenidjack Valley lies just to the northwest of St.Just.
The area is steeped in mining history , which is borne out by ruined engine houses and mine workings in and near the valley.

The wooded upper valley gives way to a rugged cove where the valley meets the sea between high and rugged granite cliffs just north of Cape Cornwall.

Along with other Penwith valleys, Kenidjack is famous for attracting rare birds. Especially in autumn, birdwatchers will check the valley on a daily basis for rare or unusual birds.

Kenidjack Engine House Kenidjack lower road
Kenidjack is reached down a narrow road off the St.Just to St.Ives road. There is parking for three or four cars at the end of the made-up road , but very little other facilities.
The cliff path runs through Kenidjack Cove , with high, scenic cliffs to Cape Cornwall to the southwest, and Pendeen Watch to the northeast.

Kenidjack Travel Directions.

Make for St.Just - either on the A 3071 from Penzance , or the A30, then B3306 from Sennen. Continue through St.Just on the B3306 , immediately going down the steep Nancherrow Hill. At the bottom of the hill, there is a right turn to Tregeseal, and a partially hidden left turn to Kenidjack. This brings you straight onto the valley road.
Kenidjack is approximately 6 miles from Sennen Cove.

Lat / Long : 50°07.6`N - 5°41.9`W NGR: 367:322
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