Sennen Cove Lifeboat Station
Construction Works during 2009


Week Commencing 16th March

Plans for this week include continuing preparation of the granite plinths to take the new pre-cast concrete piers which will hold the new launch slipway. Works will continue in the boathouse to excavate an area of the boathouse floor and preparation of the lowered floor level.

Work is to start on removing the short slipway this week.

Work will continue daily to attempt to remove as much spoil as possible from the works area and harbour beach.

A `larger small` dumper will be in use this week during the removal of the short slipway, with the spoil being removed over Cove Hill to the compound at the top.


Monday 16th March
Taste of what`s coming drekly !

Angle Lifeboat Station`s brand new Tamar class lifeboat called into the Cove today whilst on her way home to Angle, Milford Haven.

The top image quite dramatically shows the significant size difference between the Tamar and Tyne class lifeboats.

Thanks to Angle party, and Andy Clift, for calling in and very best of luck to them with their new boat.

(Images thanks Tim Stevens)

16th March
Work commenced today to remove the short recovery slipway.

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