Sennen Cove Lifeboat Station
Construction Works during 2009


Week Commencing 6th April

There are two concrete pours scheduled for this week. This will involve parking a small lorry with a concrete pump on board tight against the front of the lifeboat house opposite the turn into the car park. Ready-mix cement lorries will then back down along the road to this pump.
It is hoped that there will be no disruption to traffic as vehicles should be able to pass by using the area of the lifeboat car park on the road side of the barrier.

Concrete pours are scheduled to take place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings - starting around 8am and lasting for a couple of hours maximum.

The first deliveries of the concrete pre-cast units which will support the slipways are also scheduled for this week.
The units will be delivered to the compound at the top of the hill and brought down over Cove Hill by tractor and trailer as required.
It is planned that these movements will be scheduled for early morning - around 7am or so - and there should be no disruption to traffic other than that of following a tractor and trailer - we are all used to that !!

5th April
It now looks as though a large excavator is going to be delivered to the lifeboat station at 7pm on Tuesday.
This operation may well block the private road from the lifeboat station to the Harbour Car Park for up to 30 mins.



7th April.
The first of the pre-cast concrete sections to form the supports for the launching slipway were delivered to the compound at the top of the hill this morning.
The image on the right shows a Cornish ready-mix concrete lorry backed up to the concrete pump this morning.
This operation pumped 30 cubic metres of concrete into the tipping cradle well in the boathouse. A second, shorter, series of pours on Thursday morning should complete the job.

8th April
Busy day today !
Early this morning a large 50 ton excavator was delivered to the Cove. This machine will be used to lift the new sections of slipway into place.

This afternoon, the first pre-cast concrete section was installed marking the beginning of the construction of the launching slipway.

11th April
The situation at Easter with the first three pre-cast sections laid for the launching slipway and a plinth cast at the top of the recovery slipway concrete toe.

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