Sennen Cove Lifeboat Station
Construction Works during 2009


Week Commencing 9th February

It is expected that work will begin on Monday to remove the winches from the boathouse.
The winches will be taken away for refurbishment and upgrading and will be re-installed towards the end of the project.

Removal of the winches will mean that the `Norman Salvesen` will need to be chained at the top of the launching slipway
and will have one launch left, with no recovery.

The contractors are awaiting arrival of a large excavator and will then probably commence demolition work at the lower end of
the launching slipway this week, taking advantage of large spring tide low water.

The `Norman Salvesen` will need to be launched prior to this work commencing and that will mark the end of Tyne Class lifeboats
in the boathouse.

We are awaiting the installation of a new mooring in the bay, so should the lifeboat launch this week she likely will proceed directly to Newlyn.

Images to follow as things happen !


Friday 1630.
`Norman Salvesen` returns from Newlyn to take up station on the moorings.
The rollered part of the launching slipway now totally removed; Norman Salvesen on moorings in the distance.

Wednesday 11th February
Demolition well underway with a nasty looking hole in the launch slipway by mid afternoon !

Tuesday 10th February at 1600.
Norman Salvesen`s last launch down the slipway at Sennen Cove
Demolition of the slips starts tomorrow !

`I can do this - I know I can ...`

Phil Shannon and Crew for Norman`s last launch.

Brian `one scat` Andrews in action ...

`Norman Salvesen` leaves the slip for the last time.

Just a nice cruise to Newlyn !

Monday 9th February
`Norman has left the house !`

The `Norman Salvesen` is currently retaining a precarious hold on `her` boathouse chained at the top of the launching slipway. Work is underway this morning to disconnect and remove the winch engine and two winch drums in the boathouse.
Norman has one launch left ! ... not quite sure when this will be.

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