Sennen Cove Lifeboat Station
Construction Works during 2009


Week Commencing 8th June
Work continues this week from the jack-up platform cutting away and shaping the existing concrete at the end of the launching slipway.
The new pre-cast sections of slipway will then be placed over the reduced concrete and grouted into place.
Further steel sections are being installed on the launching slipway.
The new hydraulic tipping cradle is due to be delivered on Tuesday.


11th June
The top section of pre-cast concrete slipway is in place at the toe of the launching slipway.


13th June
The current view down the launching slipway.
The steel slipway still has to have the walkways attached to each side; there is one section in place at the bottom of the slipway on the east (right) side.
The platform is to the west of the slip, removing the old steel keelway from the underwater section.

The base ring for the tipping cradle is in place in the boathouse (left) and is ready to be concreted in position.
The next piece for the assembly is outside the doors awaiting installation (above).

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