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Sennen Surfing Profiles

Lew Smart - Sennen Bodyboarder

Lew Smart - Sennen Bodyboarder

NAME : Lew Smart

AGE: 17

HOME: Sennen Cove


TITLES : English and British Junior Bodyboard Champion

FAVOURITE SPORT : That would be telling !!

SPONSORS : Headworx ,Gul & Morey.

TRAVELLED TO : Hawaii, Indo, France, Lanza, Fuerta, California, Morocco and Scotland.

DREAMTRIP : G-Land , 5 Foot with no-one else out - apart from the blood-thirsty sharks , that is !

FAVOURITE SURFER - AND WHY : Ryan Hardy , solid, perfect style with a `balls out` approach to heavy waves.

BEST TRIP TO DATE : Hawaii - ` cos you learn so much.

FAVOURITE MANOEUVRE : A.R.S. out of the barrel -`cos you can project them perfectly out of the bowl.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE SENNEN / GWENVER SCENE : The waves are weak and gutless , no good for high performance bodyboarding - but the scene is chilled out and fun !


GOALS / AIMS FOR 2001 : Score sick waves , have fun and get lots of sex !!

VILLAINS : Thieves and Faggotts !!

HEROES : The Sennen Lifeboat Crew - pretty job boys !

VIEWS ON RIVALRY BETWEEN SURFERS AND BODYBOARDERS : Bodyboarding is now starting to get well-deserved respect due to the crazy, insane waves they are charging ; and their cool attitude towards wave riding. THEREFORE - there are some guys , who incidentally are complete kooks, that don`t respect bodyboarding and get agro to all you agro kooks KCID NEKCUF A TAE !!!

Lew Smart at Gwenver
Lew in action on a clean day at Gwenver.

Based on an interview with surfer Andrew Prowse !!
January 2001

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