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RMS Mulheim - Effect on the Local Fishing Fleet

RMS Mulheim ashore at Castle Zawn, Between Sennen Cove and Land`s End - at 0430 on Saturday 22nd March 2003

Wednesday 9th April.
The fishing boats returned to the Cove this morning with a significant amount of shredded plastic etc. from the cargo of the
RMS Mulheim tangled in their fishing nets.
These nets are bottom-fishing tangle nets, which have been set for a few days
in Whitesand Bay - over a mile from the wreck. Clearly, the bulk of the material from the cargo is sinking , and being carried
over a large area of the seabed by the tide.
Some fishermen are also reporting this stuff being tangled in their crab-pots.

The removal of the plastic (most of it appears to be the sort of stuff you might expect to find in the interior of car seats) is a
time-consuming task for the fishermen, and the drag of the stuff caught in the nets in the tide actually prevents the nets fishing.