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24th January 2016


Unusual ! ... where is this ??

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This one generated a lot of interest !
This is a view of Sennen Bat with The Longships at the bottom of the image and Cape Cornwall at the top.
Position `1` is Kettle`s Bottom rock, between Land`s End and The Longships.
Position `2` is Priest Cove, Cape Cornwall.
The returns of the surf can be seen along Sennen Beach and also on the Bridges - the shoals between The Brisons and Cape Cornwall.

Correct answers from:- Ruth; Julian and Violaine; Sam; Brett; Charley; Chiefer; Gordon and Marie; Don and Sue; Annie; Ted; Jamie; Lorna & Trefor; Maggie and Bill; Larry; David and Ang; Chris and Rose; Phil H; Tony; Ollie; Eddy; Lennart; Pete; Peter B