Saturday 18th November
Sennen Cove:- Little Egret east of lifeboat station
Marazion;- 7 Firecrest on the Marsh. Water Pipit again on the beach
Hayle:- Black Swan again on the Estuary this morning (thanks Peter)
Gwithian:- 2 f Greater Scaup at St Gothian Sands

Friday 17th November
Nanquidno:- Short-eared Owl at Little Hendra
Nanjizal:- Greater Short-toed Lark in field north of Faraway Cottage
St Buryan:- Black Redstart at Tregiffian Farm
Penzance;- ad Pacific Diver again offshore; Slavonian Grebe off the harbour
Marazion:- 2 Water Pipit at Red River mouth
Hayle:- Spoonbill on the Estuary

Thursday 16th November
Sennen:- Little Bunting again south of Trevilley.
Lands End:- Black Redstart
Nanjizal:- 6 Siberian Chiffchaff; 6 Firecrest; Hawfinch; Tree Pipit.
Porthgwarra:- Black Redstart
St Levan Churchtown:- 2 Yellow-browed Warbler; Black Redstart
Drift Reservoir:- Siberian Chiffchaff
Hayle:- Black Swan on the Estuary (thanks Peter)
Gwithian:- 2 f Greater Scaup

Wednesday 15th November
Sennen:- 4 Snipe on Mayon Cliff this afternoon.
Cot Valley:- Wryneck this morning
Boswednack:- Firecrest (thanks Liz)
Marazion:- ad Pacific Diver offshore
St Ives:- Little Egret on the rocks at Bamaluz Point (thanks Liz)
Hayle:- Spoonbill on the Estuary

Tuesday 14th November
Sennen;- Little Bunting again in 1st stubble field by footpath south of Trevilley.
St Levan Churchtown:- Yellow-browed Warbler at turning circle; further two in willows by Beach House.
Penzance:- Pacific diver; 6+ Great Northern Diver offshore.
Marazion:- 2 Water Pipit. Long-tailed Duck offshore
Hayle:- Spoonbill; Black Swan on the Estuary (thanks Peter)

Monday 13th November
Sennen Cove:- Little Egret in the harbour this morning
Sennen:- Little Bunting; Tree Pipit; Firecrest southeast of Trevilley.
Nanjizal:- Little Bunting; Hawfinch; 3 Siberian Chiffchaff; 3 Firecrest.
Bartinney Downs:- Short-eared Owl
Lamorna:- Lapland Bunting at Tregiffian; Water Pipit at the Cove.
Penzance:- Black-throated Diver; Slavonian Grebe offshore Jubilee Pool
Marazion;- ad Pacific Diver; Great Northern Diver; Slavonian Grebe offshore Long Rock car park. Water Pipit still on the beach at Red Rover mouth.
Boswednack:- Firecrest; Chiffchaff; 2 Goldcrest. 6 Skylark over (thanks Liz)
St Ives:- 1w Glaucous Gull west past Porthgwidden at 1230 (thanks Liz)
Hayle:- Black Swan on the Estuary (thanks Peter)

Sunday 12th November
Cot Valley:- Yellow-browed Warbler
Penzance:- ad Pacific Diver; 6 Great Northern Diver offshore Jubilee Pool.
Marazion;- Water Pipit still on beach near Red River mouth
Hayle;- Spoonbill on Ryan`s Field; Black Swan on the Estuary (thanks Peter)

Saturday 11th November
Mounts Bay:- ad Pacific Diver; 5 Great Northern Diver.
Hayle:- Spoonbill again on the Estuary
Gwithian:- Hooded Crow by road to Godrevy

Friday 10th November
Sennen Cvoe;- 1w Caspian Gull
Sennen:- 2 Little Bunting southeast of Trevilley Farm.
Penzance:- 15 Purple Sandpiper east of Jubilee Pool; ad Pacific Diver in Mounts Bay this morning with 5 Great Northern Diver
Botallack:- 10 Chough (thanks Nick)
Marazion:- Water Pipit again at Red River mouth
Hayle:- Spoonbill on Ryan`s Field; Black Swan on the Estuary (thanks Peter)

Thursday 9th November
Mousehole;- m Brambling on feeder (thanks John)
Newlyn:- ad Pacific Diver again offshore Roskilly
Marazion:- Water Pipit again on the beach
Crowlas:- 2 Hawfinch over; Merlin (thanks Reuben)
Hayle:- Black Swan on the Estuary; Firecrest at Lelant (thanks Peter)

Wednesday 8th November
Porthgwarra:- 2 Ring Ouzel at Trevean
Lamorna Cove:- Water Pipit; Black Redstart
Newlyn:- Pacific Diver showing well off Sandy Cove.
Hayle:- Spoonbill and Kingfisher on the Estuary (thanks Peter). Short-eared Owl at Upton Towans this morning.

Tuesday 7th November
Sancreed:- f Brambling; Woodcock; 3 Snipe; 18 Skylark; Firecrest.
Penzance:- ad Pacific Diver distant offshore.
Marazion:- Water Pipit again on the beach.
Hayle:- Spoonbilll on the estuary again this morning

Monday 6th November
Sennen Cove;- Little Egret east of the lifeboat station.
Lands End:- Yellow-browed Warbler
Nanjizal:- 4 Yellow-browed Warbler. 3 Hawfinch over
Kenidjack:- Firecrest (thanks Dave)
Sancreed:- Brambling; 2 Chiffchaff (thanks Dave) ad Whooper Swan at Sellan Farm
Newlyn;- returning ad Pacific Diver offshore Roskilly
Bosullow:- 2 Firecrest this morning (thanks Graham)
Marazion:- Water Pipit; 1w Yellow Wagtail on the beach. Bittern on the reserve
Hayle:- Black Swan on the Estuary this morning (thanks Peter)

Sunday 5th November
Pendeen Watch (Cold):- 2 Great Skua; 2 Manx Shearwater; 2 Common Scoter; Puffin; c2000 auk; c700 Kittiwake (thanks Graham)
Marazion:- Water Pipit again on the beach
Hayle:- Spoonbill on the Estuary this morning (thanks Peter)
Gwithian:- Geenland White-fronted Goose at St Gothian Sands.

Saturday 4th November
Treen:- juv Rosy Starling again at Prye Cottage
Sancreed:- Yellow-browed Warbler; Firecrest (thanks Dave)
Drift Reservoir:- Yellow-browed Warbler
Marazion:- prob Pacific Diver offshore distant. Water Pipit, Yellow Wagtail on beach
Hayle:- 3 Spoonbill on Ryan`s Field. Whooper Swan.

Friday 3rd November
Porthgwarra:- Ring Ouzel
Polgigga:- Turtle Dove at Lower Bosistow
Treen:- 2 juv Rosy Starling in same garden at Prye Cottage (thanks Pat & Jenny)
Sancreed:- 2 Whooper Swan; 4 Snipe; 14 Skylark; 14 Fieldfare; 20 Redwing; 5 Goldcrest; Blackcap (thanks Dave)
Kenidjack:- Yellow-browed Warbler
Pendeen:- Common Rosefinch by coastguard cottages
Marazion:- Yellow-browed Warbler. Water Pipit; Yellow Wagtail on the beach.
Boswednack:- 2 Firecrest; Chiffchaff (thanks Liz)
Bosullow:- Firecrest in private garden (thanks Graham)
Crowlas:- 2 Firecrest (thanks Liz)
St Ives:- Firecrest again in private garden (thanks Marlene)
Hayle:- Whooper Swan on the Estuary
Gwithian:- Snow Bunting at St Gothian Sands

Thursday 2nd November
Nanjizal:- Yellow-browed Warbler; 5 Firecrest.
Treen:- juv Rosy Starling for second day (thanks Pat and Jenny)
St Buryan:- 2 Black Restart at Tower Meadows
Sancreed:- 2 Whooper Swan. Cattle Egret at Sellan Farm (thanks Dave)
Kenidjack:- Hawfinch; Yellow-browed Warbler
Trevowhan:- Yellow-browed Warbler; Firecrest; Snow Bunting at Rose Valley
St Ives:- Firecrest in private garden (thanks Marlene); Black Redstart on The Island
Gwithian:- juv White-rumped Sandpiper again at St Gothian Sands

Wednesday 1st November

Sennen:- Firecrest; Short-eared Owl along cycle track to Lands End. f Black Redstart on Mayon Cliff (thanks Stuart)
Nanjizal:- 10 Firecrest netted
Porthgwarra:- Black Redstart; Pink-footed Goose
St Buryan:- Black Redstart at Tower Meadows
Kenidjack:- Yellow-browed Warbler; 2+ Hawfinch.; poss `Eastern` Lesser Whitethroat
Sancreed:- Hawfinch. 2ad Whooper Swan at Sellan Farm. Firecrest; 3 Goldcrest; Snipe; 19 Stock Dove; 60 Fieldfare; Grey Wagtail. (thanks Dave)
Pendeen:- Black Redstart by the lighthouse
Penzance:- 3 Firecrest in Penlee Park.
Boswednack:- 2 Firecrest; Chiffchaff; Siskin (thanks Liz)
Gwithian:- White-rumped Sandpiper again at St Gothian Sands; 5 Catlle Egret.