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Sam Smart - Sennen Surfer

Sam Smart

NAME : Sam Smart.

AGE : 20

HOME : Sennen Cove `Chippy`.

HOW LONG SURFING : 6 Years - daily.

SPONSORS : Counter Culture , Snugg Wetsuits , Natural Life , Brother Nielson Boards , Wavecrest Surf Shack.

TRAVELLED TO : Indo , Ireland , Scotland.

DREAM TRIP : One year around the world with infinite funds !

FAVOURITE SURFER - AND WHY : Top 44 Pros ....they are all mindblowing.

BEST TRIP TO DATE : Bali .....kegs every day for two months.

FAVOURITE MANOEUVRE : Tube riding - or anything big - because it feels good when you make it !

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE SENNEN / GWENVER SCENE : The summers are really fun. This place is very chilled out in the winter (cold) but we get lots of swell.

FUTURE RIPPERS TO WATCH OUT FOR : Any keen groms - Seb Smart (my 8 year old brother ) My kids - if I ad em !!

GOALS / AIMS FOR 2001 : Try to focus on surfing for the pure enjoyment of it ; save my money and keep pushing myself.

VILLAINS : Vandals , thieves and goatboaters should all be arrested.

HEROES : Slater ; 6 times world champ ; .Mum and Dad for putting up with my rudeness.

I respect anyone who does what they do well ; or people who surf because they enjoy it. I just cannot stand the cowboys who have all the gear and no idea ; they just get in the way. I suppose it just comes down to what you enjoy doing - as long as they don`t drop in , who cares ?...and most of the bodyboarders are starting to realise that they are only fourth best anyway.....:

1. Shortboard.
2. Beginners who are in every day learning to stand.
3. Longboarders.
4. Bodyboarders.
5. Kneeboarders


1st . Sennen Junior Championships.
3rd. Newquay Pro Juniors.
3rd. British Interclubs.
4th. Renault Sand Surf Festival.

FAVOURITE SPOT IN AREA : Home sweet home ....on its, I mean Marazion ?

Sam Smart on a Wave !
Chat with Andrew Prowse - January 2001

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