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Sennen Surfing Profiles

Sam Bleakley - Sennen Longboarder

Sam Bleakley

Oxbow Oxboweb link

NAME : Sam Bleakley

AGE: 22

HOME : Gwenver and Cambridge University

HOW LONG SURFING : 16 Years - I think !

TITLES : European Champion ; English Champion (twice) ....and others.

FAVOURITE SPORT : That would be telling !!

SPONSORS : Oxbow & "Guts" Longboards.

TRAVELLED TO : Indonesia, Mentawi Islands, Ecuador, Barbados, Morocco, Canaries, California, East Coast USA , Canada, France, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Germany, Norway.

DREAMTRIP : Tour the South Pacific on a yacht.

FAVOURITE SURFER - AND WHY : Joel Tudor , Rob Machado, Mickey Dora = STYLE.


WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE SENNEN / GWENVER SCENE : Lovely place with lovely people - but I can only hang out at Gwenver in the summer `cause Sennen gets way too hectic!

FUTURE RIPPERS TO WATCH OUT FOR : Local Lads = Jack Johns. Pirran and Dan (Spongers).

GOALS / AIMS FOR 2001 : Live it up. Kill it on the World Tour pro Longboard Circuit - and stay happy !

VILLAINS : Flat Waves !

HEROES : Roger Mansfield , Dad, The Ocean.


VIEWS ON RIVALRY BETWEEN SURFERS AND BODYBOARDERS :As long as someone is having fun and respecting the ocean and its riders - i don`t mind what equipment they use !

Based on an interview with surfer Andrew Prowse !!
May 2001

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