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Andrew Prowse

Just a look back at the last 12 months on a personal level , remembering swells, people and events. Hope you enjoy it :-

January , February 2000


Juan Netley-Reseigh

Two cold and windy months to start the year. The best of the waves were to be found on the South Coast. Banks at Gwenver took a hiding and were not doing much .... the odd day at Sennen , but there was always a lot of west in the wind.

March 2000

Who the Hell ?

Its Mister Prowse...on a wave ...a collector`s dream !!!!

The weather started to get a bit better and we saw some good waves down at Sennen. Not too crowded and a good indication of what was to come.

April 2000

Lew Smart
Lew Smart.

Personally, I was fortunate to go to California for 3 weeks to stay with friends in Ventura.
I was fortunate to surf local Ventura breaks , get excellent 4-5 ft at RINCON and even managed a couple of surfs out at MALIBU where I scored headhigh 1st POINT, 2nd and even 3rd POINT.
Travelled down South and also got some excellent waves at both HUNTINGDON and SAN ONOFRE. California is still one of the best overall surf destinations to go to !
Got back to Sennen by late April to good (if crowded) holiday surf !

May 2000



The beginning of May saw good powerful surf at Sennen with a nice bit of size to it . South or southeast winds for four or five days.
Went a bit crappy mid-month but by the last week we had 3 - 4 ft of clean surf.
A good fun month of surf - clean and fast !

June 2000



The 3rd June was a 10 / 10 day at Gwenver. ( 3 - 4 ft) . We had a really glassy peak and it had some good power to it. A good hot - dog wave for us loggers !

July 2000



I think the thing that got me about June was the noticeable increase in people in the water. Not wishing to offend anybody , there were a lot of clueless idiots in the water who showed no respect for others ( NO SOUL AT ALL !)
We had some good sessions but these were all about 6am when all the crowds were still asleep !!

Summer (if that`s what you call it ) was upon us. Mainly surfed Gwenver - small but fun and always guaranteed a tea and yarn with Jamo at the hut !

August 2000

Sam Smart

Surprise ! - just checked my journal and it reads :- `good waves down at North Rocks with a good local crew in water , fun surf for all !
I remember a particular Sunday at Gwenver ; we had been on the lifeboat to see off a blind jetskier and had to watch clean surf for an hour or so before we rehoused and hoofed it to Gwenver. Beautiful clear skies, clean glassy 4 ft waves , and so warm you could get away with a shortie !

The rest of August was a mixed batch of hot sunny surfable ( 2 - 3 ft days) and dull overcast wind slop.....but good fun was had all round.

Don`t forget Sennen Surf Club had their Surf Dance ( most people are still probably trying to work out what happened after they left the pub to go )...a good night up at the Village Hall....apart from the stumpy bouncers !

August also saw the launch of the , by now, world famous (Andrew writes this rubbish - I just type it !) , and in turn this surf-page. We started with a weekly surf report - now with daily reports and surfing images ; and our growing web directory , this has become a very popular and positive page within the surf community......

September 2000


Luke Zorab

Cannot remember much of September to be honest - reckon I must have been drunk.
Good days at Gwenver ; crowded days at Sennen with some lovely offshore afternoons. Saw the last of the crowds this month - winter approached fast !

October 2000

Ben George

Cold weather with lots of wind - the time of year to look for waves in other parts. For some of us this year , no travelling ! (Ibeza not travelling ??!!?) Good days out at Porthmeor , Gwithian , Praa and Perranuthnoe - and an exceptionally hollow day at Porthcurno. (God`s Country !)
October also saw the British Longboard Union`s contest at Sennen.We had great waves (I unfortunately was unable to enter this year ) with some of the country`s best longboarders out.
New Women`s Longboard Champion....Sennen`s own Nan Beason

November 2000


Got bloody cold now - with a quite a few windy, onshore days.
Still some good days , however , with some big days thrown in .

December 2000

20th December 2000
A great month for surf....when the waves are this good, who cares about the cold weather !


This has been just a brief run-down of the year ; with some of our favourite photos thrown in !

We must mention local Sennen standouts :-

Jon Buchorski .... Quicksilver sponsored and now travelling all over the world.
Sam Smart .......... on the British Tour.
Sam Bleakely ......longboard supremo Carve`s Longboard mag. and did Equador with current world champion Beau Young.
Nan Beason .........British Ladies` Longboard Champion.

And a thank you to all of you for your support - particularly South Shore for their sponsorship.

Remember - ..longboard , shortboard, bodyboard, lilo....if you enjoy it ......

Keep Surfing,


Late November
Sennen - not California !

Sennen Cove
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