Sunday 21st January
Rain at times in westerly gales
High water 0704; 1919 height 17`4"

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 Swell Prediction for Sennen Bay (Height & Direction ) - High Water Time- Height
Updated Daily
Sunday 0600
Westerly swell around 12ft today, tomorrow and Tuesday; increasing on Wednesday and Thursday before decreasing again towards next weekend.
Sunday 0700 W.southwest 27kts; swell 9ft
Sunday 21st 12ft westerly 0704; 1919 17`4"
Monday 22nd 9-12ft westerly 0740; 1955 17`1"
Tuesday 23rd 9-12ft westerly. 0818; 2037 16`7"
Wednesday 24th 15ft westerly 0903; 2128 16`1"
Thursday 25th 12-15ft westerly 0959; 2231 15`4"
Friday 26th 12ft westerly 1108; 2349 15`1"

Thanks to Paul Haslam for some of these images.

Click here for 10th March 2008 SEVERE WEATHER IMAGES

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