Saturday 1st April
Showers in fresh or strong northwesterlies
High water 0232; 1509 height 13`8"

Met Office Shipping Forecasts
0600 Saturday 1st April
Gale Warnings  
Wind West veering northwest then north later, 4 to 6.
Weather Showers.
Visibility Good, occasionally poor.
Sea Rough or very rough until later, otherwise moderate or rough.
Gale Warnings  
Wind Northwesterly 4 to 6, becoming variable 2 to 4 later.
Weather Showers.
Visibility Good, occasionally poor.
Sea Rough or very rough, becoming moderate or rough later.


Local Inshore Waters Forecast
Lyme Regis to Land`s End including the Isles of Scilly
0600 Saturday 1st April
24 Hour Forecast
Wind West veering north or northwest, 4 or 5, occasionally 6 at first.
Weather Showers.
Visibility Good
Sea State Moderate or rough, occasionally very rough at first in southwest, becoming slight or moderate in east.
Outlook for following 24 hours
Wind North 4 or 5, becoming variable 2 to 4, then becoming east 3 to 5 later.
Weather Fair
Visibility Good
Sea State Rough at first in southwest, otherwise slight or moderate, becoming smooth or slight in east.
Local weather info also available from Falmouth Coastguard on 01326 317575. Please tell them if you are setting off in a boat or on a remote cliff-climbing expedition.

 Swell Prediction for Sennen Bay (Height & Direction ) - High Water Time- Height
Updated Daily
Saturday 1st April
West-northwesterly swell continuing to gradually decrease through today.
West-northwesterly swell around 6ft and decreasing through tomorrow.
Small westerly swell on Monday increasing towards 6ft on Tuesday.
Niggling westerly swell remaining around 6ft on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Sevenstones Lightship Saturday 0600 kts Swell 10ft
Saturday 1st 9-12ft west-northwesterly 0232; 1509 13`8"
Sunday 2nd 6ft west-northwesterly 0328; 1555 14`8"
Monday 3rd 3ft westerly 0410; 1632 15`7"
Tuesday 4th 6ft westerly 0445; 1703 16`7"
Wednesday 5th 6ft westerly 0516; 1733 17`1"
Thursday 6th 6ft westerly 0546; 1803 17`7"
Friday 7th 6ft westerly 0617; 1833 17`7"


Current Actual Weather at
Land`s End
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( courtesy John Chappell )

Weather Outlooks - normally updated Sundays and Thursdays.
Thursday 30th March
Hints of the weather settling down somewhat at long last.
Saturday 1st Squally showers in fresh or strong northwesterlies
Sunday 2nd Mainly fine in northerly breeze
Monday 3rd Perhaps rain or drizzle in southerly breeze
Tuesday 4th Showers in west or northwesterly breeze
Wednesday 5th Showers in northwesterly breeze
Thursday 6th Fine in light north or northeasterlies
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