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3rd July

Some of you may have seen our 14yr old border collie Shadow in some of the daily images.
Shadow and I went for our daily gentle evening walk yesterday, across on the Green (top public grass car park) planning on our usual lap.

We were suddenly approached by two `rottweiler type` dogs which attacked Shadow and pinned her to the ground, taking bits out of her.
The owners of these savages - a normal-looking middle aged couple - approached and eventually pulled the dogs off.
My exchange with them was neither pleasant nor polite - Shadow and I left as quickly as possible.

We visited the emergency vet at 9pm yesterday - the lady was brilliant; checked Shadow and booked her in for an operation to close a neck-wound which was carried out this morning.

Why on earth do people keep animals like this; and why let them run loose ?
We were probably lucky - just imagine if there had been a couple of young children there running around ...



6th July Seamus

My dog was attacked near where we live by two dogs. They were on leads and so was mine but we met on a narrow path. The other dogs were a very large dog and a very small one but, strangely, it was the small one that attacked. Luckily I was able to pull the dog off before any harm was done and I'm pleased to say he gave his attacker a nasty bite as a farwell present. It is frightening when dogs gang up and attack your dog, especially in Shadow's case where it is two huge dogs onto one much smaller dog. As a dog owner I would have no problem with a law that states all dogs should be muzzled in public, as long as it applies to all dogs and the penalties are stiff enough to ensure compliance by all owners.

6th July Lamorna Sorry to hear about your dog and hope she makes a full recovery. I think you should pursue the owners if only to recover the vet bill. No amount of arguing to defend Rotweiller type dogs will persuade me to change my mind that these dogs should be banned from public areas and muzzled all the time.
Stevan 3 July

Poor Shadow I hope she recovers and is back to her best soon.

In my opinion the sort of dogs that attacked her should be illegal to own, we see far too many instances in the news when these animals lose control.  At the very least they should be muzzled in public, and to let them off the lead in a public place is lunacy.

Well is only four weeks until our annual trip to paradise, staying up on Mayon Green Crescent this year so we may see Shadow on her walk.  Looking forward to seeing the new boat and looking in the new surf shop.

See you all soon.


3 July

Sorry to read about your incident and I hope Shadow makes a full and speedy recovery. The owners of the dogs are clearly responsible as their dogs were not under control but please do not tar all Rotweilers with the same brush. I had my nose bitten very badly by a Labrador as a teenager but still have respect for all our Canine friends. All dogs are potential dangerous but what happened to you and Shadow was completely avoidable if the owners had their dogs on leads and under control. I spent a year training my Rotweiller (as I have done with all my dogs) before she was allowed off the lead. Even then, we show respect to others when out by putting the dogs on leads and keeping them under control. It is not the dog, it is the owner and the way they treat the dogs and bring them up. My husband thinks all dogs should be muzzled when out which would stop incidents like this from happening.  People are not allowed to beat other people up so dogs should not be allowed to do it either! 
We wish you and Shadow all the best and I hope you call the police so these people and dogs are found and held accountabl

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