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Sennen and Gwenver Beaches privately owned ? 24 June
How you weathering the storms up there ? 10th February
Spear Guns 19th September
Dogs on the Beach 19th April
Superfast Broadband at Sennen 14th February
Ladies Present Craftwork to Sennen Parish Council 19th December
RAF Sennen 23rd November
Frank Tregear 5th June
Doug Fouling - again 31st May
Cornwall Council to close Harbour Car Park Toilets 9th May
Christmas Tree Festival 27th December
South West Water Disgrace 20th December
Piracy in the Cove 17th October
Bus Fares 14th September
Litter on the Beach 28 August
The Old Boathouse 13 August
Tidal Disturbance 27th June 2011 2nd July
Beach Dog Ban 9th June
Sennen Beach `Blue Flag` 24th May
Martin Brookes 14 April
WiFi 12 April
Sennen and Lands End Pre-School 16th March
Rebecca Sennen Hogan 14 March
Cornwall Life mag. 6th January
Extreme Cold Weather 12 December
Kayak Paddle 4th November
Hosses on Pavements 22nd October
Philip Shannon MBE 21st October 2010
Trevedra Farm 12th October
Old Success 11th October
Lifeguards 23rd September
RAF Sennen 10th July 2010
Old Success 6th July
Dangerous Dogs 6th July
Sennen Beach Recommended ! Seamus 28th May
Sennen News - You Are The Best R & B Norris 15 May
Thanks 19th April
Next batch of Sennen Affordable Homes 15th April
Public WiFi in the Cove ?? Graham 2nd Feb
Christmas in the Cove Anne 11 Jan
End of Summer Ian 10 Jan
Festival of Trees Gill 14 dec
Anyone interested in having an allotment in Sennen ? Philip 28 Nov
Thank You Jonathan 6 Nov
Double Yellow Lines Rod 31 Aug
Sennen News Mary 30 Aug
Sennen Beach (Dogs) Clare 30 Aug
Sennen Market Jo 29 Aug
Annual Visit to Sennen Sandy & John 23 Aug
Breakers Cafe Duncan 4 Aug
Sennen Toilets (Again) Lizzie 20 July
Dog Fouling Seamus 19 July
`The Beach` Just Gets Better! Seamus 19 July
Sennen School at Twickenham Lizzie 9 th April
Changes in Sennen Jackie & Graham 25 March
Forthcoming Lifeboat Works 20 January
Invasive Plant Species Oliver 21 January
No quad-biking or skateboarding at the harbour 16 January
A Very Merry Christmas Diane 25 December
Charlie Shipwrecked Duncan 29 November
Fireworks at the First & Last 6th November
Man o`War Jellyfish Anji & Trevor 19 Oct.
Dickie George Lorraine 12 Sep
Wonderful Week Louise 6 Sep
Sennen Toilets Lizzie 29 August
Blue Lagoon A Brough 28 Aug
Weather Anne 15 July
JellyFish Rosemary 14 August
Parking Prices Seamus 9 August
Fuel Crisis Hugh 19 June
Beach Rescue 8 June
Gwenver Clean-up Michelle 18 May
Sennen Snooker Team Presentations  
Recent Weather Conditions and Photographs Ian 8 April
Beach Erosion Pauline 7 April
RAF Sennen Barracks 1945 Mike 14th March
General Update Yorkie 11 February
Lifeboat Calendar Karen 22 December
Dog fouling on the beach David 3 December
Sennen Fireworks Lizzie 6th November
New York Marathon Polly 3 November
Old Maria`s Lane Photograph John Fincham 16 October
Refuse Collectors dumping litter Lizzie 14 October
Harassing Dolphins Chris & Sue 19 September
Vehicle Break-ins Lorraine 5 September
South West Water Works Richyrich 29 August
Sennen`s End of Road Music Festival Janet & Howard 27 August
Hurricane Dean Hannah 22 August
Dolphins / Sharks Les & Sue 20 August
Floods Lizzie 16 August
Speed Bumps Richard 12 August
Beware of the Sharks Mark 5 August
Great White Shark Monica 3 August
Sennen Beach Restaurant Brian 2 August
`Jacksons` Shut Andrew 21 July
Rubbish on Gwenver Lloyd 13 July
Adrian's John O'Groats to Land's End bike ride! Chris & Sue 8 July
Sennen Badgers Janet 3 July
Countryfile Seamus 24 June
Lifeboat Out 3 June
Robert Theis Lauren 30 May
Round Cornwall Gig Row 24 May
Fishing - Bass size limit 22 May
Road Works Sue 21st May
Blue Flag Maggie 19 May
Football 8 May
Gig News ! Margybarkersroad 7 May
Porthgwarra RNLI collecting box vandalised again 24 April
Coastguard Strike Action 20 April
Fishing Chris & Sue 20 April
Lifeboat out Karen Hook 18 April
Very low tides Steve 18 April
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