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Hosses on Pavements !!!!

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18th October

Came back from town yest-day to find a gate pile of steaming hoss dung outside our front gate - literally!!  We don't want ta knaw how good tis for the roses or any such thing we just want ta knaw why the hoss rider did stop for un to do it on the pavement and why twas just left thar in this gate heap?? 
Thank gawd it twant a gate dog - we would have ad to ave a brer big plastic bag for un! As ee was Hedley had to get the slop pail and shovel out and fill un up and chucked said dung in the field. A neighbour came pass with her dog and she ad to stank in the rawd - she had a small bag with her but we said that int knaw earthly good for this lot my ansome! 
Joking aside - why on the pavement?



John 22 Oct Veronica nice too see wit & chivalry still abounds.

john fincham bettystown co, meath irelaND
Veronica 20th October
My husband was the eejit who cleared the horse manure off the narrow pavement rather than see some local man, woman or child splayed across a windscreen by having to walk on the road to avoid it.
Veronica Hutchings


20 October

Owner of said Hoss was being thoughtful+ respect to other road users, if car drove thru it, it would have splayed onto any car windscreen travelling behind+hitting pedestrians walking by. Dung on pavement walk round+some eegit will clear up after you.

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