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12th April

The new chippy in Sennen, 190 Degrees West, has WiFi available to customers.

Also, when staying at the Girl Annie cottage, we could intermittently access WiFi through BTFon, although we did have to pay for it.  However, access was not reliable.




12th April

The BT FON website map shows a number of potential hotspots in Sennen and Sennen Cove but availability is dependent on the owner of the BT connection making the hotspot available.
This doesn't affect the security or speed of the broadband connection. I have agreed for my connection at home, in a village, where mobile and fixed broadband connections aren't the best, to be a BT FON hotspot and I haven't noticed any issues about speed or access.
It would be great if any Sennen BT customers would do the same. Running a small business means I need to be in touch with my clients while I am on holiday so the quicker and easier that is the more time I can spend out and about with my family enjoying your beautiful surroundings.
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