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13th August
Val Brassington

Having holidayed in  wonderful Sennen Cove almost annually for the last 50 odd years, it always seemed such a well kept and tidy place. I have just returned from 3 weeks in Sennen and this year I was really upset that some people had total disregard and lack of thought for others by leaving so much rubbish and litter on the beach. Its not acceptable to leave beer cans, glasses, empty pizza boxes, broken glass at the bottom of the slip down to the beach - a short walk and there's a huge litter bin. One morning I had to take a whole box full up there. Polystyrene cups and food containers, plastic spoons and sugar packets, what is so difficult about clearing up one's own mess in stead of leaving it for others to do. Come on, lets have some community spirit and not spoil such a beautiful environment by selfishness.



28th August Jo Y We are currently on holiday in sennen cove. Our fourth year here now. We love the place but are very disappointed in the amount of dogs on the beach. In our two weeks here we have only seen one owner clear up their dogs excrement.  We even sat on the beach one day before we realized there was a huge pile of dogs doings right next to us. There are children digging in this sand for goodness sake so why are the local council not enforcing the ban? If this was a street  and not a beach I am sure they would scoop the poop.
Also, as others have commented, it is sad that so many tourists are leaving litter. Shame on them. Both these aspects may lose sennen its blue flag, which would be a great shame.

19th August


Until a swathe of the Great British public man-up and address their degrading behaviour; the people who purport to be "dog lovers", yet ignore their pooch's fouling of the beach, paths and pavements and pick it up, I support totally a dog ban by the Council.  These lazy and ignorant owners do NOT love their animals, otherwise they would tend to their droppings.  What on earth do they do with their infants, one wonders, when they require nappy changes?
There is also a swathe of the Great British public that does not "love" Sennen, the Cornish countryside or, indeed, their own patch.....since they treat these areas with complete disdain as far as clearing up their rubbish and depositing it in the many bins provided.  Again, what on earth must their homes be like?  I make no apology for issuing this contribution is to pick up litter where I can and place it where it should be.....IN THE BIN. 
What example this sets to their children (and the younger generation in general) is that no matter how much people witter on about the environmental impact of goodness knows what, we will continue to desecrate whichever area we visit and let someone else clear up after us.

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