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3rd July
Terry Hulme

Anybody else read  ‘The Old Boathouse’ diary?? Its fab, puts a smile on my brummy face on dark days J keep it up!! xxx




12th August Richard & Brenda Norris Andrew is far too shy and retiring to mention the link to the review of his book in yesterday's Western Morning News, which can be seen full and unexpurgated at
22nd July Janice I too am a Brummie, lucky enough to live in Sennen. What a great book you've written Andrew, I'm in the middle of it. I'm so glad you attract strange folk too, I certainly do in fact I think I'm a magnet for them. Keep on writing , it's brilliant!!
21st July Andrew Prowse !
cant believe people falling for this deluded eejits rubbish i know for a fact he makes it up as he goes along   a bit like how he lives i reckon
piccasso titchmarsh
19th July Seamus

I wondered when someone was going to mention the book!


I also got one and it is brilliant. Very difficult to put down and it reminds me of being in the Cove.

13 July Cheryll If like me you have only just discovered the daily diary of The Old Boathouse Stores then give yourself and all of your friends a gift of The Cove Diary - a whole year's wonderfully witty and erudite writing.  Mine arrived in the post today and I haven't stopped chuckling all afternoon!  It really is so so funny.  A really good read.
8 July Lyn I've started reading it too ........ love it.   Makes me chuckle and brings on a smile or three up here in Hertfordshire too.   keep it coming
8 July Pat K You are so right Terry, tales of the Mrs and the bleddy hound, the shop and the neighbours, the OS and the F&L along with the doings of the  life boat and the strange visitors which he seems to attract keep me amused too and I say long may he continue
6 July Marion I wouldn't miss it. It's my early morning tonic here in the US. But the whole website is great drew me back to the Cove last Christmas after an absence of about 35 years!

5 July


I love it too – it’s a must-read every morning – brilliant!

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