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Tidal Disturbance 27th June

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27th June 2011

There appears to have been a tidal disturbance today between appx 1330 and 1400 local time. There may have been one, or a series, of `waves` resulting in the tide rising or falling possibly as much as half a metre.
Some suggestions of an undersea mudslide causing this disturbance along the same mechanism as a tsunami - no information on the location of the mudslide.

A fisherman working out of the Cove reported very strange tides - with no tide or even going in the wrong way ... before any news of the `wave` came out.

Did anyone notice anything unusual - particularly the sea suddenly going out further than normal - around about the stated times ??

More information as we get it !



Terry 11 July
Very interesting and much more plausible (thanks John Chappell)
Terry 2nd July I have carefully played back our harbour webcam video and nothing out of the ordinary noticed - though there was sufficient rise and fall that day to probably mask a small variation. Would seem that the waves were only noticed on the south coast, so presumably some source to the south or southwest.
I had a phone-call from one of the fishermen working out of the Cove at around 1130 commenting on how strange the tide was - none at all, or running in the wrong way ... his method of fishing meant he was acutely aware of any tidal variance; also the comment that it was `wierd`, extremely `close` ... which might suggest some pressure anomoly.

If this was caused by a landslide, then its hard to think that a landslide big enough to trigger a mini-tsunami (maybe equivalent to a 5 or 6 Richter event ?) would not have been measured by siesmometers ? Would be nice to see some hard evidence.

That 10m asteroid passed within 7000km or so of earth around about the same time ... strange if it was the cause, but very coincidental !!
Jamie 30th June
This event is now widely reported in the press and made the local BBC news. I was wondering if anyone caught the tidal movement in Sennen or over the Mount causeway on video? Given the impact it must have been quite a mudslide – has anyone made an estimate of where and how much of the seabed moved?
Dave 29 June
Vince 29 June i came across this on the bbc web site,i hope this clears up the mystery.

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