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26th September

Just returned from another week in glorious Sennen Cove. Every day (during the day) there were numerous dogs on the beach despite the prohibition. What is the point of banning dogs when the rule is not enforced?



Marlene 19th April Not sure who Pauline spoke to in Cornwall Council, but as usual what they say, mean and do are very different!!  Their web site clearly states under Sennen that dogs are banned from the beach “ from 1 May – 30 September 2013, 8am-7pm” so this is probably why dogs were on the beach, also the signs indicate such.
Pauline 18th April I was on the beach today (Thursday) at about 2pm, and there were at least 6 dogs on the beach. At the time, I wasn't certain if they were banned (I thought it could be from 1st May), so I didn't challenge the owners. I have now checked the facts, and they ARE banned between 8am and 7pm from Easter Day. So next time, I will certainly have words with these incredibly selfish people, and I will also take photos and phone the council. You have been warned!
  14th April
    Clearly the `no dogs` beach ban is working well - this was at 11am today.
Unfair on those of us who observe it - so perhaps it is just as well to totally ignore it.
    Gwenver is Gwenver - Sennen Beach goes to North Rocks
Jodie 7th September

I am a local and regular on Sennen beach where I go with my 15 month old son. I go there so I don't have to worry about things like dog foul while he is crawling around on the sand, yet I continually see people with dogs in high season on the beach! Today, I was with my son and Mum sat on the far side across from the stream and a woman walked down from the coastal path onto the beach with a dog.

My Mum tried to inadvertently inform her by talking loudly that dogs weren't allowed on the beach, to which she said "Excuse me? No, that is Sennen," and she pointed to the part of the beach on the opposite side of the stream looking towards the cafe, then she said "this part is not Sennen, I live just up the hill there and I own this beach here!" then she walked off to Gwenvar!

Can anyone tell me if there's any truth to this or was she just trying to throw an argument at us? I've never been told that Sennen beach was partially privately owned or that it was classified as two beaches. I always assumed it was Sennen up to the rocks and then Gwenvar around the other side. I wish I'd known for sure today as the woman was really rude!

Besides this point, even if she did own it, dogs are dogs and they all foul. It can't be one rule for one and another for everyone else! Anyone who refutes the fouling point I have made, I must say not everyone has the same regard for the cleanliness of the beach. I've seen people in low season covering their dog's foul over with sand on the beach without picking it up, it's disgusting. Jodie

Dona 31st August

We holiday in Sennen twice a year and only go before Easter or after the end of September so we can take our dog on to the beach.
Yes I agree there are some dog owners who don't clean up after their dog s but also there are many parents who don't control their children who in our opinion are far worse behaved than the majority of dogs.
We ve come across used nappies litter and discarded broken bottles which are left by families.
Could I start a ban badly behaved families with children from the beach campaign?
Don't think that would go down too well so why victimise responsible dog owners with their pets? Let dogs on the beach all year and get rid of this ridiculous ban!!!!

Richard 9th August

Banning dogs from beaches is unenforceable. And anyway the term "beach" only relates to the portion of the shore above Mean high tide level. Everything that is seawards of this is "The foreshore". Banning dogs from this area would require an act of parliament. Even then it would just be a legal statute and not lawfully enforceable.

Tracey 30th July

I holiday in Sennen every June and there are always people with dogs on beach.
This year there seemed to be more than ever - owners with 4/5 dogs at a time.
I have a young family who adore Sennen and I also own 2 dogs and the sole reason I dont bring my dogs on holiday is because of the ban.
I totally accept the ban and understand why it is in place, so it is a little disheartening when you see others totally flouting the ban and not
caring or considering others around them.
They give dog owners a bad name. I cant get my head round why people are ignorant of the rules and law of the beach and dont respect it.

Edd 16th July

Just returned from a week in the Cove, and disappointed to have seen dogs running free on the beach during the day. We also found one pile of dog mess on the beach. We have two little children and dogs are very big to them and they get frightened. They are not used to dogs. Banning dogs between certain times doesn't seem to work and the signage for it is very small. Basically, either ban dogs during the summer or don't - having some half-way house is no good. In any case, it relies on the goodwill of beach users and dog owners to play by the rules. It's the first year since 1997 that I've thought "I might go to another beach next tim", which is a shame.


My final comment on this: Penwith DC need to take some kind of action - either ban dogs during the summer (remember that Gwynver is OK for dogs), or let them on all the time. If it's the latter, then some families will be put off and it's also less likely that the beach will ever get the Blue Flag back.

... just remember some of us Live here - we are not allowed to take our dogs on the beach in the summer daytime because of visitors ... we very much value the `early and late` slots until normality returns in the autumn - and yes, I do clean up.

Seamus 1st October

I don’t have a problem with dogs being on the beach at any time of the day… as long as their owner cleans up after them and as long as they are kept under some sort of control so they don’t run all over people’s things.

Some people leave a lot more mess than most dogs, including allowing their young children to poo on the beach and then bury it in a shallow hole rather than pick it up in a bag. At least you can see the dog mess! (Most of the time)

We were on Sennen beach several times a couple of weeks ago and we did see at least half a dozen dogs on the beach every day but they didn’t bother us and we didn’t see them make any mess which wasn’t cleared up by their owner.

However, what we did see was a local, or we presume he was a local by the way he was talking with some of the staff from The Beach complex, leave a huge pile of his dog’s mess on the beach. As other people have said in other posts, it’s as much the locals as the holiday makers.



... just like the yellow lines on the road

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