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Christmas Tree Festival

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Chris & Sue 26th December We had also read of the festival with interest for several years but never managed to get there.  This tear we had our Christmas holiday back home to see the grandchildren earlier than usual so we eventually visited on the penultimate day (ever) and are very glad we did; it was a wonderful display.  Congratulations to all involved.
Chris & Sue
Jo 21st December

I had read about the Christmas Tree Festival for many years but I did not have the opportunity to visit Sennen in December until last weekend. I have to say that I, along with my 10 year old nephew, were enchanted with the festival and we thought it was a wonderful idea. The organisers and the designers of each tree should be commended for their hard work and  artistic vision!

It's so sad that the comments of a few miserable individuals should spoil a beautiful community tradition but  I suppose that one finds 'kill-joys' in every community!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone in the Cove and thanks to Colin, Jackie and the staff of the Old Success for making our stay last weekend such an enjoyable one.

Looking forward to being back in the Cove sometime in the New Year!

(includes pantomimes; Disney stories; fairy tales; famous books, films and poems; the Creation Story; and the Nativity)
At: St Sennen Parish Church
Next to the First and Last Inn.
Parking available.
Open: Saturday 3rd December to Wednesday 21st December from 1.30pm to 5pm
Free entry and programme, donations welcome.
Extra services and concerts....
Sunday 4 Dec - Family Service amongst the Trees at 11am
Friday 9 Dec - Sennen School Carol Concert at 6pm
Sunday 11 Dec - Carols by Treelight at 6pm
Thursday 15 Dec - Concert by the Tartini Ensemble
Sunday 18 Dec - Christingle Service for the Children's Society at 3pm
Further info from 01736 871664
24th October Christine i was so sorry to hear that this is to be the last festival .  i live in surrey but always visit my family in Cornwall to visit the festival and think it is amazing. i understand the reason, so much work for so few but thank you for the enjoyment you have given everyone over the years.  Christine
12th October Teresa & Sandra

I was saddened to hear that this was to be the last Christmas Tree Festival.   My sister and I visited the very first one – incidentally it was promoted with the words “prepare to be amazed!” and we were.   So much so that we have visited each year since and it is very much part of our annual pre-Christmas visit to West Penwith.   It has given us, and I am sure many others, great joy and we will miss visiting in future.   I have visited other festivals much closer to my home but haven’t found one that compares.

Thank you to all who have contributed over the past ten years for the pleasure you have given to us and hundreds of others.

12th October Marian It beggars believe that anyone could say unkind or hurtful comments about the Christmas Tree festival. Over the years it has given great enjoyment to people and I know that people travel to see the trees.
 I will miss seeing them, They have been creatively and beautifully decorated so much thought given to them. A big thank you to all those who have given their time to the festival over the years
11th October Rod We are very sorry to learn that this excellent event is to end – it’s something which we have always enjoyed visiting.
10th October Jill I am very sad to read about this being the last year of the tree festival, I have driven down from Mid Devon to see this and it is the start of my Christmas. So thank you to all involved in the previous years I have some great pictures and memories of this event.

9th October


I was near to tears and felt completely bereft when I received the letter to say that this the 10th Festival of Christmas Trees will be the last. I am sure that many felt the same. It has been a time of immense joy and planning and  satisfaction in seeing the joint result.  I found it a great help therapeutically as it gave me something to think about and the chance to join in with like-minded people who enjoyed the challenge each year. A few unpleasant and hurtful remarks at the end of the last Festival have instigated a complete re-think as to where the Festival was heading in the future. I greatly admire the way way the Church has handled the situation. 
I find it diffcult to understand why anyone would wish to jeopardise the future of something that gave so much pleasure to the hundreds of people who came from near and far to see the beautiful trees. It was the start of Christmas for many of them.

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