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Dog fouling - again

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30th May

I am a regular visitor to the cove and two weeks ago was here and did a daily walk up to the look out.  About halfway up the path is an old six inch square rusty post which irresponsible dog owners are using as a dog bin.  I watched, quite incredulous, as the pile of bags being left in the post increased daily and every time I walked past thought maybe I would do something about them.  I have returned this week to find the post overflowing with bags and more bags left at the bottom of the post so today I went up with a carrier bag and rubber gloves and removed them all!

I am considering going back and securely gaffer taping the top of the post, which was lying nearby back on,  so that it would make it difficult to put the bags inside and/or taping a note pointing out that this was not a dog poo bin but that would maybe not look so good!  What makes these people desecrate such a beautiful area like this?  Is it the same people who I watch with their dogs on the beach having blatent disregard for the dog ban?





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