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23rd November

RAF Sennen, RAF Mark’s Castle, RAF Chapel Carn Brea, RAF Sennen Cove.
For a few months now I have been researching this topic. A real insight was to come when my wife found a letter written to a WAAF stationed in Sennen as a radar operator. She lived in the WAAF block, now known as Sennen Heights.
Following her trail I have amassed many original letters giving a great deal of info regarding the site, the people and their lives. Photo’s have also come to light. Names of many of the WAAF and RAF personel and recently letters telling what some of their room numbers were in Sennen Heights. Indeed so much now that further research is needed. The WAAF’s also had a cat at Sennen Heights.
The letters give information on so much that these young people were involved in….. Operation Tiger, D-Day, the birth of microwave radar and the real history of Skewjack (RAF Sennen), RAF Mark’s Castle and more. All part of the greater Sennen wartime story. Mention of local farms and their families. Trebor, Skewjack and a number of others.
Original “Top Secret” site drawings have given a full picture of the both the Radar sites and Sennen Cove and the military buildings.
If anyone can offer more information please contact me email






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