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15th August

Saddened to see a couple of blokes at Porthchapel this week, strapping knives to their legs and taking spear guns into the water. Never seen this before locally but have seen the after effects of it in Spain, ragged, half dead fish. What a waste and what shame people feel the need to take this sort of gear to such a beautiful beach.    



Paul 19th September Hi, thanks for putting the other side of the case, interesting to read and well put, you sound a pretty sensible bloke. Sadly, I've seen the irresponsible side of their use ...damage and danger caused by kids and the guys at Porthchapel who I did speak to and were frankly, clueless... and that's the point I was making but I guess it's true in all activities, the responsible suffer for the actions of the irresponsible.    

Loved the video by the way!


31 August

I read the Sennen website fairly regularly as I love keeping up to date with goings on in this beautiful place. As a (bad) surfer, angler and spear fisherman I felt it right to respond to the comment posted by Paul. I would recommend you speak to any spearo's you encounter to find out exactly what they get up to underwater. I can't speak for all UK spear fishermen but myself and others I know are very careful to select specific species (mainly bass, mullet and flatfish), adhering to the minimum size limits and taking only a sensible number (for me a maximum of two fish per trip if I am lucky enough to get that many). There is no better way of selecting your catch without damaging or destroying any other fish. The other benefit of getting into the water is the beautiful underwater scenery. Generally the visibility in Cornwall is superb so it it possible to have some really relaxing dives even if no target fish are encountered. We returned home today after a lovely week in Cornwall. I managed to dive off Mousehole this morning and took a total of two shots (not the destruction described by Paul). I missed the first bass and hit the second which is dinner for tomorrow night. The reason for carrying a knife is to dispatch the fish quickly and efficiently. It also acts as a piece of safely equipment in case the diver gets caught in any discarded fishing equipment for example. All diving is performed by breath hold and snorkel. I do hope this helps Paul to understand how the spear fishermen I know operate. Hopefully the people he saw acted in a similar manner and only took a small amount of fish they were going to eat.

Here is the YouTube link for a video I took of bass in Sennen Cove.

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