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12 August

Whilst I realise this has little or nothing to do with the local community I would just like to have the opportunity to say that sadly we will be unable to come down to Cornwall on our annual holiday this year as 3 weeks ago we experienced the worst flooding we had ever experienced in our village in Gloucestershire

. All 20 houses have lost everything downstairs and cars and trailers as well. I am having to make do and visit the website just to get my dose of “sennen magic” We will all miss the great friends we have made down there and hopefully we can return soon.




Lizzie 16 August I can't imagine how awful coping with a home that's been flooded is. My
heart goes out to you.
Jo 14 August
No one who has experienced flood damage ever forgets the long haul back to normality - our daughter and family were flooded twice in four weeks during the very wet autumn/winter of 2001/2 and it was awful and exhausting.  Dealing with insurance claims, the council to ensure lessons would be learnt for the future was like wading through treacle.  We have watched the recent floods and have felt for the people whose homes have been devastated - however, we have been amazed by the stoicism and cheerful response of so many of the folk caught up in this disaster.  We do hope you will be able to rebuild and put this experience behind you......and that you will enjoy your next visit to Cornwall even more.


13 August

So sorry the floods have affected you and made it impossible for you to have your holiday. I think we tend to put the floods in the back of our minds after the initial shock. The media  also moves on. I have never lived through a flood, and hope I never do. I can't imagine how how I'd deal with it. I hope you soon get back on your feet and are getting help from councils and government. Look forward to next year and your holiday in Sennen Cove. 

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