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4 August

My family and I recently visited the beach at Sennen Cove for the first time but were unfortunate enough to get the car clamped because our ticket expired by just 32 minutes. The weather was poor and we didn't expect to stay very long as it was starting to rain a little. Even so I paid for 3 hours and before long the weather came out fine and we were enjoying ourselves, but completely lost track of time (having taken my watch off to go in the sea). I immediately returned to the car park and bought another ticket only to find that the car had been clamped minutes earlier. The attendant was waiting around the corner in a little white van and obviously pleased at the prospect of another sale. I can't grumble too much I had expired the time but an immediate release penalty of £72.50!! That's easy money. The signs in the car park are poor but the message was clear - Come to Cornwall and enjoy yourself but don't relax too much there are sharks about. Not a very good advert for the Cornish Tourist Board - biting the hand that feeds




Stu 5 August
Mark, you broke the clearly stated rules, you were in the wrong, so stop moaning!!
If you break the rules or law, you take the risk knowing what the outcome may be.
Tracey 5 August

Hi we are coming to sennen next week as we do every two years.  Hopefully we can find a parking space for our van and hopefully we wont get clamped while we are there.

 While I can understand your view, I agree with seamus.  My 18 year old daughter went with a group of friends to a leisure complex in chippenham, wiltshire. Normally the one driving doesn’t buy the parking ticket – the passengers do.  WELL the passengers forgot and she returned an hour later with a £60 fine. It was her fault and she ahd to pay the fine!!

Steve 4 August
mark you knew the rules none of us like paying to park but look at it this way ive just returned from sennen and the car park was full by 10am most mornings with people driving round and waiting for someone to leave why should someone have to wait over 30 mins for your space when you clearly were not paying for that allocated time how would you feel waiting behind your car for 30 mins knowing that the time had lapsed on your ticket and that person was due back at their car come on mark take it on the chin you were in the wrong dont give us your sob story be a man!


4 August

Mark I am sure you will receive lots of replies to your message about being clamped but let's be fair... You overran the ticket by 32 minutes, not just 2 or 3 minutes. That's 1/6th or 16% of the time you originally paid for. The problem with making allowances for people to break the rules is where do you stop? How would you feel if your neighbour allowed their TV licence, council tax, income tax, road fund licence, etc., to overrun by 16% - or 58 days - after they have expired? How would you feel if you paid for £116 worth of groceries at the supermarket but the person behind you was allowed to pay just £100 for the same goods? You were able to read the sign that says how much you would have to pay so surely you were also able to read the sign that explains the penalty for overrunning? Try overrunning your parking ticket in London, or many other cities, by 32 minutes and you are likely to find your car has been towed away - a much greater and more expensive inconvenience! Of course, next time you visit you could always wear a cheap waterproof watch!

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