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15 April

Sennen Cove Lifeboat launched yesterday at appx 1540 following reports of a small fishing boat found empty off the Logan Rock, Porthcurno ... more



Karen Hook 18 April
We have been in Sennen Cove during the summer and are always impressed with the speed and accurancy at which the lifeboat launches and the knowledge of the skipper to avoid the rather nasty rocks that appear at low tide (the Tribbens?) We are always grateful in the knowledge that if our children, us or anyone else who should need the lifeboat these volunteers are there and are willing to save lives, often putting their own lives at risk, for perfect strangers. If restores our faith in this rather gready world that we are living in. In my opinion anything that can be given to make their lives easier the better! Modern days heros!
Rod Allday 16 April
We too saw the lifeboat launch on Saturday, but by pure chance as we happened to be looking in that direction at the time.   It's a great shame that maroons are no longer used as this alerts everyone to the imminent launch and it's great publicity for the lifeboat.   Perhaps an alternative would be a siren to be sounded at the station immediately before launching?
Rod Allday

C Pearce

16 April

We were down in the Cove last week and watched the launch of the Lifeboat. We were very impressed with the speed it was launched and relieved to see everyone return safely.Bearing in mind the concerns of people who commented on the thread about people driving at excessive speeds in the Cove ( although all concerned arrived quickly but responsibly as far as we could see) could they not be issued with portable sirens/flashing lights for their cars.
C Pearce

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