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Coastguard Strike Action

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19 April

As many people will have seen in the news it looks like a number of
coast guard stations are refusing call outs due lack of compensation
payments in the event of injury during a shout.  I was blissfully
unaware of such shortcomings in the way this country treats people that
are willing to put themselves in such danger to preserve the life and
well being of others.

While not answering callouts is a personal decision, which I can neither
condone nor object to (as I support to the letter the reasons why this
action is being taken but would also like to know that my family and I
are safe should we ever get into difficulties).

I would like to know if the same applies to the lifeguards and lifeboat
people that also put themselves in harms way to protect and rescue

My opinion is that this is a massive failing of the Maritime and
Coastguard Agency (MCA)not to put adequate insurance in place to
safeguard peoples livelihood should they be injured.


Lifeboat Crews are very well protected in these circumstances - perhaps some of our local Auxiliary Coastguards would like to comment - I was certainly not aware of any issue.

Rich M 19 April

There is at least one well known insurance company out there who is placing massive premiums on anyone confirming that they are volunteer lifeboat crew (apparently it doesn't affect full-time personnel). Just had to change my life insurance because of it! Apparently, this also applies to auxiliary coastguards.




As I understand it, the RNLI will look after any crew member injured or incapacitated in the course of their lifeboat service - and I presume the campaign is for the MCA to do the same for the Auxiliary Coastguard who are also volunteers.
This is perhaps a separate issue to each individual`s personal insurance policies ?


20 April

The MCA Website reports that agreement has been reached on this situation and they are once again one big happy family !

MCA news item link

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