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Speed bumps

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29 April

The speed bumps near the school might be slowing traffic down but they would appear to be too high.
If your car is `low slung` you could drive over them at 10 mph and still damage the bottom of your vehicle. There must be a `standard height` off the road for vehicles ? .... this is surely not correct; people are paying lots of money in road tax and, as can be seen in the image, their cars are being damaged by the very roads they are paying to use - presumably the Highways Department will pick up the repair bills ?

The safest way to negotiate the speed bumps is by driving down the middle of the road - this would seem a little `counter productive` ...

Right of reply as always.

18th May

Yarn is now that they intend filling in between the speed bumps with more
speed bumps to stop cars driving down the middle of the road. This will
probably make the road totally impassable for people with perfectly legal and road-taxed `low-slung` cars.

Surely a better idea would be to close the road altogether - after all its only
an A class trunk road. Make the B road through Buryan the main route
to Land`s End and Sennen.

24 July

Accident at the first westbound speedbump this afternoon - motorcyclist thrown off his machine and into the hedge.
We understand the man was not badly hurt.


Richard 12 August Speed Bumps:

National coverage now for the bumps - a letter in the Daily Telegraph
motoring section ('Honest John', Saturday 11 Aug) under the heading
'Cornish nasty' !!!
The response is spot on, asking somebody responsible for the bumps to
write in and explain themselves. Will it happen?......
Larry 24 July I actually rode down to Sennen on my bike on Sunday.  I had forgotten about the bumps, but there is absolutely no excuse for a biker to bin it over them.  There is plenty of space to do the “proper” thing and go inside them – and I ride a big touring bike.  He was either not concentrating or riding like an idiot… There is no excuse for either. 


21 May

On my arrival out here in The Netherlands I initially had a similar problem
with the numerous speed bumps (or "dremples") much loved by the Dutch
authorities to such an extent that I broke the sump on the car and had to
have an expensive repair.

Fortunately, I was able to find a solution to the problem, and now, whenever
I see the dreaded "Let op! Dremples" sign, I slow down.

A bit drastic I agree, but it works.

I accept that in some cases emergency vehicles may have difficulty slowing
down and consequently adding to their response times, but how on earth do
you stop foolish and inconsiderate people speeding and causing a danger to

Alan 21 May

The maximum permitted height of speed bumps is 100 mm, but the Department for Transport recommends that speed bumps should generally be no higher than 75mm.  It also publishes detailed guidance on their design to try to avoid vehicle grounding. This is all set out in Local Transport Note 1/07 - Traffic Calming - see pages 47 onwards, a copy of which is on the Department for Transport's website (  Perhaps someone in Sennen would like to check the height of the bumps that have been installed, and get onto Cornwall County Council if they seem to be ignoring the law or the Department's guidance.



29 April

There is a national campaign against speed bumps, for this very reason.
Currently a poll running at  Apparently
local authorities have had to spend £60m on compensation for speed bump
damage and injury, and only spend £30m a year on road repairs...  If your
car gets damaged or you suffer an injury make a claim.

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