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Hurricane Dean

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18 August

Hurricane Dean looks particularly bad - category 4 and maybe 5 - Hannah Trewern from St Levan lives in the Cayman Is; Jamaica also looks to be right in Dean`s path. Hopefully it will not be as bad as it looks



Hannah 22 August It seems we dodged the bullet with Dean.

Dean passed 115 miles south of us, we only experienced strong Tropical storm
force winds, about 60-70 mph with gusts to 80 mph.  The all clear was issued
at 4pm on Monday, and I was able to return home.

On the whole the Island fared well, there were a few trees and fences down,
but nothing major.  The South coast had a bit of flooding where the sea had
washed over the road.

Everyone is extremely thankful.  Having such a close encounter with a huge
storm brought back memories of the nighmare we went through with Hurricane
Ivan 3 years ago.

Lets hope for a quiet end to the season.

Pete 20 August
Just discovered my wife's nephew is on holiday on an island 100 miles off Yucatan Peninsula! It's his first foreign holiday and it's with his new girlfriend!
Keep the updates going Hannah. Thanks
Hannah 19 August Thanks for your concern.

It is now midday and is still hot and sunny.  The forecast track has shifted
slightly southward since yesterday, so we should avoid the worst of the

Hopefully I will be able to update again on Tuesday.


19 August

Just on news. Travel Advice for Caymans is Don't Do It! I went through Hurricane Gloria in the caribbean whilst working on the QE2. Not an experience I wish to repeat.
Good Luck to all out there

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