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14 July Robin & Judy

In today's Daily Telegraph Weekend supplement there is a report of Britain's top 30 seaside. restaurants. Sennen Beach Restaurant is in at no. 18 with a glowing report. We certainly enjoyed our meal there last month, there was a great sunset which always adds the finishing touch.



Brian 2 August I first heard about the Green Flash from John Chope, a born and bred Cover.
I was sceptical until I Googled it and found there was some truth behind it.
See for further details.
On Monday 30th August I photographed the sunset, not noticing anything
unusual until I looked carefully at one of the photos when I noticed a
splash of green. Did anyone else notice this on Monday? The picture, with
enlargement, can be seen at

Ridge Family 29 July didnt realise ketchup was bad for you
Andy 27 July
Thanks Richard,
I have had many other good meals there and at other off the beaten track pubs/restaurants in west Penwith. My only comment is that if you order a steak blue you should NOT have blood coming out of it anyway. That only happens if the meat hasn't been hung long enough (see most supermarket chains for details)
I'll look forward to trying the Lemon Sole
Hears to another 40 and 53 years respectively
Richard 27 July

Thankyou Karen for explaining the green flash phenomenon - I have never heard of this before but will be looking out or it from now on - especially when in the South West. Surely the daily photographer must have caught a few of these on film - maybe we could ask him to capture a Sennen special for us that have to watch remotely for most of the year.

On the subject of the Beach Restaurant I'd just like to say that I have never had a bad meal there - and if you are thinking of going the Lemon Sole is pretty darn good. I'm no TV chef but I always think Lemon Sole is a very hard fish to cook, slightly over done and its like eating chewed up paper - the lemon sole I had was perfect - well done Chef!

Karen 26 July
For Dan on 16th July, the green flash is a flash of green just above the sun during a sunset. There has to be certain atmospherics for it to happen, appantely. If you type in green flash on the internet you can find some rather nice sun images that show the green flash. I have never seen one anywhere, lucky person who saw it in Sennen. We tend to get rather murky skys here near Stansted airport its all that pollution, I look forward to when we can get back to Sennen and the lovely ,clear, sea air, perhaps we will have to try the steaks at the Beach Restaurant too!
Richard 25 July
Coming to the defence of Nigel in the kitchen, I can only say that the steaks I have had at the Beach have been amongst the best I have had anywhere, for both quality and how they were cooked.
I also like my steaks ultra blue (raw in the middle). If you like it blue, its best to order a
fillet, as it tends to be double the thickness of other steaks so is easier to cook blue. Also mention that you do not want any blood flowing from the meat (a sign that is too well done).
Order it on a cold plate, so that it does not keep getting warmer while you eat it.
I can usually tell if the steak is blue without cutting it,  by looking underneath for blood
and by prodding it. If its nice and soft and squashy its usually just right.
Another interesting way to gauge the feel of differently cooked steaks is the finger and
thumb test. Lightly place the end of the thumb onto the end of the forefinger and then feel
with the forefinger of the other hand, the fleshy part of the hand at the start of the thumb.
It should feel soft - or like a good blue steak should feel. Then move the thumb down to
touch the second finger, it should feel a little harder - like a rare steak. The third finger is
like a medium and the little finger like a well done.
If you don't get what you order, send it back. I have had a few steaks at the Beach and
can honestly say I have never had to send one back, unlike many other places I have been to.
Like Andy,  I have been visiting Sennen for many (53) years. Unfortunately my liking for
blue steaks and the accompanying bottled red sauce leads me to think I will not be
celebrating another 53 years.
Andy 17 July
Congrats on the article but they STILL can't seem to cook a steak anything other than medium to well done even when you order it blue! Wonder if the location has anything to do with the scoring. Maybe not as it would have scored higher.
Been going to Sennen for 40 years and looking forward to the next 40!
Dan 16 July Have just about a green flash, which i take it is sunset related. In Sennen at moment, can anyone enlighten us about this?


14 July

Once saw the ' Green Flash ' from The Beach Restraunt. Me Wife was in the powder room and missed it. Don't think she believed me, till the other diners confirmed it.
LOVE the Spicy Pollock!

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