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Great White Shark

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30 July Matt

Great white shark near the bay!!!!!!!!

How stupid do our papers get, for many years now, summer after summer, the
newspapers have said the same thing, man eater in uk! And everytime they
have been proven wrong!

Silly tourists think everytime they see a shark, its "that one out of jaws".
They always go over the top. This is not good for our torist industry, and
to be frankly honest, its so boring year after year!




Monica 3 August In June we were lucky enough to watch the graceful, gentle  Basking Sharks daily, 12 - 15 at a time stretching from Nanquidno Valley Cove along to Sennen Cove - their huge fins breaking through the water  - Sennen is one of  the most beautiful magical spots in the country  - must be!........dolphins, seals, and basking sharks think so too.
Brian 2 August Lots of basking sharks in and around the Cove this week.
This canoeist had a close-up view of one of them.
Hookart 1 August  
We were very lucky to see a pod of basking sharks in Whitesands bay (Sennen) last year but after half an hour of watching the dorsel fins most holiday makers went back into the water knowing they were safe (could possibly have been boredom of no attacks on unsuspecting holiday makers (not that a basking shark would at all) There were lots of people with their cameras out and a few people pestered the sharks in boats - leave them alone - they want their lunch in peace!. While we were in Sennen the year before there were reports of a Mako shark in Cornish waters. I was luck enough (twenty something years ago) to be in Prussian Cove (a few miles round the cost) and swam alongside a basking shark! (actually it came and swam along side me, I didn't even know it was there until I saw my parents waving franticly from the beach and the shark went gracefully past! They are beautiful creatures and I feel lucky that my children and I have had the great fortune to see them in Cornwall.
Rod 1 August Look on the bright side - the publicity will keep Sun readers away from
"Bain't all bad me dear"!!


31 July

right, lets put this to bed before it starts. 1st of all, the piece of film if thats what it can be called could have been taken anywhere in the world. secondly its about as clear as mud. thirdly it was released on a day when JAWS was on the telly in the evening, fourthly it was sent too, and released by the sun newspaper whose credability has to be questioned anyway. theres more fact in the beano than the sun newspaper.. reports of a great white being seen off the north cornwall coast also came about in 2003, once again heavily publised in the sun newspaper and once again proven to be nonsense. as for basking shark, i think thats way off the mark as well..

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