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Keith 6 July 07

To all who use the car parks at Sennen I’ve just had over a weeks holiday around there Penzance and  Praa  sands I have to say I wont be coming back for the prices to park for a day at the beach are crazy.

And with the threat of wheel clamping for just being out with the time on your ticket I think I will take my money else where Cornwall need the money just look at the weather we have just had.   There was a distinct lack of tourists around at all the places and with all these idiots in there little white van clamping cars, let’s see what happens to your economy then.  




This has run and run - all good stuff - but no more posts on this one please.
Seamus 9 August
As a regular holiday maker to Sennen Cove and the surrounding areas, I don't find the car park prices too expensive. £4.50 to park all day? That's cheap compared to big towns and city centres.
Regarding the comment about the wheel clamper... if it is the same chap I spoke to then he isn't at all miserable. Put yourself in his shoes - would you like a job where every "customer" you meet is rude to you, some even making physical threats? He is a really nice chap and, if you get to chat with him, you will understand his side of the story and, after hearing what he used to do for a living, you will come away from the conversation with a great deal of respect for him.
I really can't sympathise with anyone who overruns on their ticket and gets clamped. Try going into Tesco, overfilling your trolley, and expecting to get away with paying for only 90% of it!
Why should the rest of us subsidise the minority who want to get away with cheating the system... or at least being careless about returning to their car on time?
PS - we recently spent another fantastic two weeks in Cornwall. The weather wasn't brilliant every day but who cares? We had plenty of days on the beach and even saw both lifeboats launch for the first time when they were going across to Cape Cornwall for the sports day.
PPS - we used the Sennen fish and chip shop for the first time this year... the best fish and chips that we've ever had in Cornwall and the view while we were eating them was superb!
Steph 8 August 08

Hi I’ve just read what was said about the price of parking In Sennen.

They needs to stop moaning about parking and enjoy them self, there are lots of better things to be doing (even in the rain).

My husband and I have just come back from a week of staying in Sennen, and we had the best time. It was sunny all week, it was like being in the Med,

We will be happy to come again,

Les & Sue 8 August 07 I don't normally park at the beachside car park for two reasons, 1 it's always too busy and 2. I'm tight. :) so I always park in the harbour car park, were, I think you get a much better view when having a pasty and a cider from the Old Boathouse. And it is also cheaper at £2.50 a day.
Alternatively, if we feel really frivoulous, we will park in the LE complex, £3 for the day, and enjoy the walk round the coastal path, were we have a picnic while enjoying the view from the top of the cliffs.
Unfortunately, wheel clamping, like the roadside speed cameras, are with us to stay as they can generate a large income, and lets face it we all take a chance and moan like hell when we get caught.
Duncan 7 August Dan, fair points well made. I think you've drawn a line under this
particular strand except maybe for one point,  could you ask Mr Clamper to
cheer up a bit, he seems a little tense!
Dean 7 August
£4.50 for a whole day is a bargain in such an amazing part of the country. You want to try parking in in Croydon where it's about £2 an hour, or Brighton where it'll be about £7 for 2 hours.
Dan 6 August

I write this post to address some of the issues brought up regarding parking prices and wheel clamping on our car park in Sennen Cove.


Firstly, with regards to pricing we feel that the fees are fair and reasonable considering the location, the facilities available and the easy accesses onto the beach from the car park. It is encouraging to see that a good number of the posts on this forum appreciate this. The beach complex as it stands today involved a considerable investment and was built personally by ourselves. During the rebuild we redesigned the accesses to the beach, which are now step free, ramped and probably as good as you’ll get on any beach, but like everything these changes came at a price and it’s the car park that made this possible.


In setting car parking prices we obviously have to protect our investment, compare ourselves to other beach sites and remain fair to our customers, many of which return year after year. Please bear in mind also that car parking is subject to VAT so 17.5% of any fee does go in tax. We feel that we have been fair and I do know without doubt that prices could go up further and the car park would still be full day after day in the peak season but this a route we have chosen not to go down.


Secondly, vehicle immobilisation (clamping) was introduced to our car park as a response to government legislation requiring any clamping to be carried out by properly licensed and trained individuals. Historically we operated a system of issuing polite warnings and very occasionally used our own wheel clamp with the most persistent of offenders. Unfortunately this leniency was wide open to abuse and turned the ticket machines into little more than honesty boxes at certain times. With the introduction of the new legislation requiring a license to be able to clamp a vehicle (we are not in possession of such licenses) we were forced to look to others in order to provide a deterrent to non payment and individuals not parking within the marked bays and consequently causing obstruction. During the course of a summer we may get an ambulance needing to attend the beach on a number of occasions not to mention the deliveries and the bin lorry. It is therefore important the car park is controlled and managed properly and the threat of being clamped goes a long way to achieving this. Some may see this aspect as far fetched but I have witnessed people parking where they please and causing chaos in the process.


Vehicle immobilisers have their licenses issued to them and are regulated by the Security Industries Authority (SIA). All of the clampers that operate on our car park are in possession of these licences. Any vehicle finding themselves clamped will have a document detailing times and the reasons why, in addition photographs will be taken as evidence. The right of appeal exists to the SIA and improper conduct will result in the respective licence being revoked.


With respect to expired tickets wheel clampers aren’t obliged to give an over run time although we do allow a period of time on our site. I think it is worth pointing out that you won’t get much time allowed when dealing with local authority parking attendants in some of our cities.


We do not receive any part of the clamping fee and nor do we wish to, any rumours about 50:50 splits are completely untrue. Our only wish is that the car park is run in a fair and proper manner for those who use it. It’s quite simple if a valid ticket is properly displayed for the correct time you wish to stay then you will not be clamped and the clampers would be out of business. Parking enforcement is a fact of life the length and breadth of the country and to that end I do not believe that these policies have any detrimental effect on bringing visitors to the cove.


I hope this addresses some of the concerns raised on this news page and hope that people continue to enjoy visiting Sennen Cove.

Karen 6 August
If you can't park in the beach car park or near the Lifeboat Station in the Harbour car park, try parking in the car park at the top of the hill. A bit of a walk to get back but you can always get a space and its got a lovely view! Better still, hire a cottage near the sea, where you get a parking space with it and walk everyday. No fines, you can stay on the beach as long as you like or catch the bus down that lovely hill no parking tickets required. Problem solved. (Just wait somebody will have something against all of these ideas!)
Larry 1 August

…and how much to park a car at any of the Airports for 14 days? At least double that….

Tom 31 July
If you only parked once a day during a fortnight holiday, £4.50 would be dear enough
14 x £4.50 is £63.  But if on a typical day you visited Penzance, Mousehole and Sennen it begins to loom large.    St Just is Free.
Tom Hill
Born in Sennen but retiring to St Just because I cant afford to return home.

Michelle and Marshall


27 July

We have just returned from 2 fantastic weeks at Sennen. 12 days out of 14 spent on the beach and probably the best tans we have ever had. Yes the car park is privately owned and part of the beach empire but where else in the country do you get those great views and facilities (apart from the loos) for £4.50 per day. Sit on the balcony at the beach café for breakfast or watch the sun go down. It just doesn’t get any better. We wish we were still there. We suggest Keith buys a vw camper van money box from the Old Boathouse shop(as welcoming as ever) and starts saving!!


Norman 27 July The subject of parking is a prickly one,  we can't help comparing prices with where we live and then saying Sennen is cheap and therefore anyone that complains is tight and should'nt moan. The problem is, we all love Sennen and don't want any negative memories of it but we must be realistic, the clampers are there to make money, they split the revenue 50:50 with the owner and rest assured, they would'nt be around if there was no money to be made. They know that a certain percentage of people will over run their ticket,  it does'nt matter to them who it is or why. In my opinion this is wrong, we are being treated as  revenue raisers and the fact that we all love the place so much is being exploited.
          Put yourself in the clampers position, on a good summers day he sees us racing to get a spot and must rub his hands together. I don't know how many people park during one day, lets say a thousand, how many over run? maybe 10 or 20, probably a lot more, but there you go, an instant  600 -1200 pounds cash or card no cheques thankyou very much and don't forget the vat.
          Sennen is fantastic but please don't let it make you naive.

...I think you will find that the clampers have 100% of the clamping fee - and earn zero unless they clamp !
Lorraine 26 July
Think Richyrich may be being a little too kind to Keith!
Having re-read Keith's little rant, he doesn't actually seem to have been clamped but is complaining at the threat of being clamped (isn't this a nationwide phenomenon, as opposed to being local to Sennen Cove?). 
Having said that, Keith's rant could be interpreted in any number of ways but I still choose to believe that he is a bit miserable and penny pinching I mean, for goodness sake, £4.50!  For a whole day!!
Dan C 26 July
Its all well trying to defend Keith, but if he had paid the fee he would not have been clamped.(If he had indeed been clamped) He could not have over run the time a little, as a ticket lasts all day!!
I am self employed, and taking a holiday costs a weeks earnings as well as the holiday cost, but I happily pay to park. The signs are clear, £4.50 all day..
Ali 25 July Just read all this about the parking prices.  Just want to say, try coming to York -  it's far more expensive (at least £7.50)  to park in a car park near the city centre and not as scenic!  
Richyrich 24 July Karen this is a great idea! - its not a lot but as that supermarket says
- every little helps! <- BTW if we all dig really deep and contribute
over half the cost we could get naming rights....any suggestions?

On the subject of the parking prices I feel someone ought to try and
defend Keith (looking at all the responses - thank goodness I'm not
stood in front of you trying to do this). By applying a bit of psycho
analysis (I'm not qualified) I don't think Keith in complaining about
the charges - and would not have done so if he had not been clamped. I
have never been clamped but after having watched programs about how
these clamping outfits operate I can see why anyone who gets clamped
would feel very angry and bitter about the experience.

We have all parked in car parks and over run the time on the ticket (for
those that haven't I'm sure you have never broken the speed limit
either), upon return its massive relief to have not been clamped or get
a ticket and a bloody annoyance if you did get a ticket and this is just
our day to day hum drum business in lives that are intense enough.

Now put yourselves in Keith's position - he probably works too many
hours in a job that doesn't pay enough (like all our jobs), he takes a
holiday to West Cornwall and after a few hours on the beach in probably
not the best weather returns to the car to find a clamp on it for
overrunning the time by a few minutes - how would you feel. (For those
that don't speed or ever over run their car parking ticket - I expect
you will see this as quite exciting :-) )

Now come on - I know car parking revenues are important
but wouldn't a ticket be better for a small over run than really
upsetting people (use your clamps after a few hours) - especially as in
the summer months a large volume of users of the car park are on holiday
- trying to get away from the pressures of daily life including the
threat of getting your car clamped!

... but the clampers only make any money by clamping ...
Umbrellapeople 24 July
yes i agree the prices to park are reasonable compared to other areas of cornwall but lets get it straight, the fees in the beach car park are not  collected for the benefit of the lifeboat service or the harbour restoration, it is a private enterprise run by the owner of the car park, i.e. the man who runs the whole beach commercial site
a happy enough sennen visitor
Karen 23 July
Here we are banging on about car parking prices in Sennen, only £4.50 a day...well I can't get back to Sennen this summer holiday and as I love the place, it seems as much as everybody else who has emailed a reply....I thought it would be a lovely gesture from us Sennen lovers to send the price of the car parking fee for a day (it is only £4.50 a day) to the RNLI in Sennen (or Porthgwarra seeing as their collection box was vandalised again eariler this year). If everybody who took the time to email re parking prices sent £4.50 to the Sennen RNLI it would total £112.50. I think that would be a fantastic gesture of support for Sennen.   If our web site host (Terry) would let us know if this does happen, if RNLI on the cheque is ok or if it has to be made out to Sennen RNLI and the correct address?   I will be sending a cheque in the next day or so. What do you think????

Two of our lifeboat crew are running in the New York Marathon to raise funds for our new lifeboat.
If anyone feels they would like to take up Karen`s challenge why not sponsor Dan and Pat - £4.50 would be very welcome.
A `justgiving` page has been set up
alternatively if you would like to send a cheque - to RNLI City of London III Lifeboat Appeal - simply to the Lifeboat Station
Sennen Cove, Penzance, Cornwall TR19 7DF - please include your name and address - thank you
Dan C 22 July
We have just returned from a wonderfull dry and sunny week in sennen to flooded Shrewsbury, how we wish we could pay £4.50 to sit in that carpark!! Even in the pouring rain...
Jo 22 July
In the words of Victor Meldrew: "I don't believe it!"  Or, rather, I do.  Keith's sad whingeing is so indicative of many today.  We want something for nothing!  The outstanding beauty of West Cornwall passes him by......all that is focussed upon is £4.50 to park.  How sad is that?  With all that is currently happening in the nation, the floods, the political corruption, crime, etc., to escape to the wild beauty of beloved Cornwall and to lose oneself in all that it has to offer.....please, please don't whinge about a measly £4.50/day car parking charge.  Open your eyes, take in the sight, smell the sea air and get a life!
Marion 22 July
My family and I have been going to Sennen and Porthgwarra since 1964 What more do you need than Sennen. So to Keith goodridence, we don't need you or your money. There will be plenty of people who would willingly take your car parking space.
Jan 22 July

At the risk of repeating what others have said, try parking in Nottingham- £4.50 will buy you two hours in the glory of the Victoria Centre car park with panoramic views of nothing . We love Sennen and gladly pay to support the local amenities in such a beautiful place. As to the weather, it is what it is : there is a joy to all conditions, I find , if you bring the right attitude!

With best wishes from a floody, stormy, cold East Midlands, and looking forward to being there soon!

Rob 21 July
We have already commented on Keith's ridiculous comments regarding high parking prices but we're so annoyed we have to comment again. We live in a village in Bedfordshire, which is very nice, but the nearest place for work and shopping is (unfortunately), Luton. £8 a day to park in one of the worst towns ever,now that's a rip off. 
We have been travelling to Cornwall at least once a year, for goodness knows how long, and can appreciate how,sometimes, the visitors may annoy locals. However at least we appreciate what a fantastic place Sennen Cove is,and we really care about it.
For some reason it's also quite difficult to find a parking space in Luton, but believe me, the view from the Arndale car park isn't at all like the gorgeous view from the Sennen Cove car park.
Keith- move to Luton, then you might appreciate the finer things in life. Where are you by the way, you haven't replied to any of the comments that people have made.Ever got the feeling people don't agree with you?
Karen 20 July
Sennen's car parking prices are very reasonable. If it is £4.50 to park all day and you get life guards on the beach and free toilets (24hours) in the car park, a lovely view from your car if you wish to sit in it in your parking space, why complain. I think £4.50 to make sure the kids are safe in the water during their holidays is a small price to pay. It can't be that bad if the car park is packed during the summer. Spare a thought for the locals of Sennen who have to pay council tax all year round and don't get free parking!  You should try parking in London, £4.50 might just get you an hour if you are lucky!
John 20 July how can anyone complain about parking prices in sennen as a regular visitor
for the 7 years i find it quite resonable compared to some other resorts
across briton
as for clampers being in the vacinity if you return in time you have nothing
to worry about
Simon 20 July

keith, if you dont like the car parking at sennen then catch public transport to cornwall so you dont have to pay to park. this will also ease the conjestion on the A30 that the locals have to put up with every weekend in the summer. i'm going to the hebrides next year for a holiday, will the car parking charges be a factor? no they wont!! mind you keith, you could do the preferred option and just stay at home moaning. you need a life. what next? price of a bag of chips on the sea-front??

Nikki 18 July
The problem is not the parking prices. I am more than happy to pay the price required.
The problem is that I park there all week as our holiday accommodation has no parking space. Do I stay up until after midnight every day to put more money in the meter -the ticket only lasts 'til midnight wharever time I buy it or do I forgo my holiday lie in and get up really early to pay in the morning and hope to beat the clamper?
Claire 17 July
Seamus 17 July
We have just returned from two weeks in Sennen and we think the car park prices are very fair.
Where else could you spend the whole day somewhere as interesting and beautiful for just £4.50?
Some people want everything for nothing and no matter how great a place is they will always find something to moan about!
Our only regret about our stay in Sennen was that it was for just two short weeks and not more.
PS - we saw an expensive BMW with a clamp on it in the car park - serves them right for not paying the fee and they can afford it too with a car like that!
Tracey 15 July

We come to sennen every other year, usually staying at seaview.  We normally walk from there to the beach each day using various routes.  This year we will be driving some days to the beach to enable my husband to use his sea kayak.  The only concern we have with the view to parking is whether we will be able to get a space as we know that the car parks fill early in the morning.  We would happily pay more than the £4.50 being charge – but please don’t increase it on our account!!

Maybe keith would like to pay the £3.00 or so that it costs to shop in Bath for 2 hours,  I find it quite interesting that he hasn’t posted a reply.

Cant wait to get back to sennen – lets hope the weather picks up soon.   


13 July

We come to Sennen Cove every year and have done so for 25 years if this silly man wants to complain about £4.50 for a days parking heaven help him if he comes to York, which is where I live, as he will have to pay at least £9.00 for the whole day and then more for the evening!  Some people have nothing better to do then moan!  And if it goes to the upkeep of the harbour then it is well worth it.


12 July

Re-reading that complaining email - he says 'I will take my money elsewhere' and refers to 'your economy' - so its 'my money' and 'your economy' - does he seem just a little condescending, thinking that his money is going to make a difference to the economy of the Sennen area?  I was visiting yesterday and was lucky to get a space in the Beach car park - there were none at all in the Harbour car park - and it was £1 for two hours!  Long enough for a good walk on the beach - I think the whole day charge was just £4.50 - for such a stunning beach and a car park so close to it.
Somewhere on the website it says the Harbour car park charges are used for the upkeep of the Harbour.  Maybe it would help if somewhere there was a sign saying what the Beach car park money is used for?  May keep Keith happy - though with his attitude perhaps its no loss if he doesn't.



12 July

Keith obviously had the bad weather - I feel previleged to be able to look out from the Cove - it is one of the most beautiful sights in the country and I can't get enough of it.  Thats why I have been going there for nearly 15 years twice a year and looking forward to September.  What price for such beauty!!!


12 July

Have to say that I think the price for parking is reasonable and I am more than happy to put money into the local community, after all it is the summer that they rely on for much of their income. However, I am under the impression that the beach car park was actually privately owned by the family who own the house on the corner opposite the Old Success. Can anyone clarify?


10 July

looling forward to coming back to sennen beach in 2 weeks time  cannot wait to get away from over populated crime ridden birmingham  
keith  you should come and live up hear with our traffic and council zealots 



10 July

Perhaps Keith would like to pay the £4.50 a day I have to pay to park at the railway station just to get to flaming work!!!


Chris & Sue

8 July

I don't find parking in the cove unreasonable.
When passing outside the summer season I often drop down and park in the
harbour for half an hour to take the air and the view. I'm perfectly
happy to make a small contribution to the harbour and the community for
this privilege.
But common sense says if parking was too expensive you'd have no trouble
finding a space at any time; try it on a sunny summer Sunday.
As for clamping, well if there's no clamping parking fees are voluntary
and is that fair to the honest majority?

Dan C.

8 July

If you see fit to complain about the parking charges just look around you, if, Sennen Cove is not worth the parking charge, then save the space for us. Back for the annual pilgrimage next week
Sennen has to be the most ideal place in the country, and well worth any charge.



8 July

Sennen prices for parking are more than reasonable, compared with some
places I've been.  As for the the bad weather - I'm sorry you were unlucky,
but if you want a sliding scale predicated on temperature and precipitation,
I think you are being very optimistic!  Any visitor to Sennen already has
his/her share of luck - not all of us can get there when we would like to -
the parking fees are, literally, a small price to pay!
Concord, Massachusetts


8 July

The parking price in Sennen is NOT expensive compared to some tourist traps in the country (Bath or Oxford for example).  And why complain about having to pay a few pounds to have access to possibly the most beautiful place in the UK?  Could this gripe actually be more to do with the miserable weather we have been experiencing recently?  Sorry you got a bit soggy mate, but that wasn't the fault of Penwith Council!


Counting down the days until our annual visit - 19 to go!


8 July

How much is it to park at Sennen Cove these days?  The link to the harbour page says it's £2.50  to park there all day, which seems very cheap to me.  It's been four years since we were in Sennen, but we always thought it was one of the cheaper places to park, & even assuming prices have gone up in that time, other places would also have increased, so presumably it's still good value.

Tessa 8 July
think the charges are fair and reasonable - try Watergate Bay as Restormel Council have managed to mess up their local beaches - Carlyon Bay a building site for the last 3 years and Pentewan beach access privately owned and locked whenever the owners feel like it -  so people like me have to go further away for a decent beach and Rerstormel see fit to charge £7 to park at Watergate Bay!  
I live in St Austell but come to Sennen often and have been pleasantly surprised at the parking fees - especially considering you get an outstanding view with the parking!
Hall Family 8 July
I don't care how much it costs to park at Sennen Cove. I just wish I could be there now!! 
Who cares about parking costs, I'd do anything to be in the best place in the universe and when I am there I will have better things to do than worry about a few quid for a parking ticket.


8 July

re the comments from keith july 6th on parking charges,could someone please
translate ? i have always found west cornwall charges very reasonable
especially sennen,obviously he's not been to parts of south devon and dorset
where charges are much higher.  pete (bristol)

Andy & Nan

7 July

Having just returned home for a short visit. I actually thought Sennen beach car park was cheap compared to other areas of Cornwall that we visited. No one likes being clamped but these people are just doing their job.
A big hello to all in Sennen, hope the weather perks up for you, it's freezing brass monkeys here in NZ, brrrr.
all the best NAN

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