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Rubbish left on Gwenver

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Michele 13 May

These images show the disgraceful amount of rubbish left on Gwenver by campers recently




13 July

Yes i was out of the country in fact i was in France for a month, 
where they have teams of beach cleaners every morning comb the beach 
and empty the bins and pick up any rubbish left by unresponsable 
people or rubbish washed up, the effect being that every single beach 
on the atlantic coast is clean! And if you know anything about oceans 
the Atlantic is one of the most polluted in the world!

I do agree people are responsible for their rubbish but when you have 
seen holiday makers bury their rubbish instead of putting it in bins 
or taking it home to recycle you might realise that not everyone 
cares for our environmental as we do Maggie. I do believe their is 
more that Penwith and all councils in Cornwall can do to keep our 
beaches clean and safe, they are falling short at every turn! Beach 
cleaners only empty the bins they do not (which they are meant to do) 
walk the beach and collect rubbish, we all pay council tax for these 
services, well those that live here all year, so why aren't the 
councils using the money more wisely and using some of it to preserve 
the welfare of our coast it is after all Cornwalls best asset!
Maggie 3 July
I assume from the date of the writer's reply to this topic that he must have been out of the country. At a guess it must have been on another planet as our care of the local and global environment remains a hot topic of debate everywhere.I too have enjoyed the beach at Gwenver but not sat atop a heap of rubbish.If you are fit enough to walk down to the beach carrying a bag full of goodies it's even easier to carry it back up when the bottles and cans are empty, place in the boot of the car and dispose of as appropriate at home or holiday location where I am sure the necessary skips are to be found. The buzz word is "recycle".
To suggest Penwith Coucil should put litter bins at Gwenver is laughable as they barely contain the rubbish from one picnic and seagulls love scrabbling through them and inadvertantly scatter the contents far and wide.I suggest that the best plan is for every user of Gwenver and all the other beaches to leave them as they would like to find them, or am I living in a fool's paradise expecting folk to show respect for our own little bit of Paradise!!
Lloyd 2 July
Hi there,

Good call on bringing the rubbish at the bottom of Gwenver to everyone's attention. Its just that the rubbish has been there for years as far as i can remember and in fact what you should be saying is why aren't Penwith Council supplying bins on the beach? This wouldn't happen if there was a beach cleaning team down there everyday. Maybe you should start a campaign for improving Penwith DC's beach cleaning programme.

Having worked as lifeguard on the south coast for 5 years I agree that you should only leave foot prints and i compltly agree that everyone is responsible for their own rubbish, but you cannot stop people camping on the beach, it is not illegal and the majority of people using Gwenver and surrounding beaches are responsible people, I would go as far in saying that a lot of rubbish down there is left by day users, not the odd group who want a nice beach BBQ in the evening and a late night swim.

I certainly don't agree with people taking photos of other people just to let them know they have been seen, come on people you live in Cornwall not London or have you forgotten!
Alan 1 June Photograph any bugger camping there, take car license numbers, and make sure they know they've been seen!
Rod 31 May Well done to the public spirited volunteers who cleaned up the rubbish and
made good the damage.

Looking at the volume of rubbish left at the site there must have been a
good number of vandals (sorry, campers) there for a significant period of
time. Does no-one have any idea who they were? Perhaps a "Name and Shame"
exercise is in order. May act as a deterrent for the future.
Old Success 30 May
The fences have now been put back up at the bottom and some 40 bags of rubbish collected by a bunch of local volunteers who care about where they live.If you wish to help you can do so in a number of ways.
1 No camping at the bottom any more, if you see it tell the offenders it is illegal 
2 Don't forget to PACK YOUR TRASH
3 Don't run down the banks, keep to the path.
Simple measures you must agree to keep this beach for future generations.
Derek 17 May
Horrified to see the pics. of rubbish left on Gwenver.
These mindless people who have no respect for this outstanding beach are beyond contempt.
Lizzie 14 May Inconsiderate BAR***DS!

- Lizzie
Old Success 14 May
Absolute disgrace, Gwenver is the jewel in our crown and should be looked after.Camping has been done on Gwenver for years BUT this is unacceptable.
With the surf getting more crowded Gwenver is used a lot more all year so lets try and respect our enviroment.{or perhaps more drastic measures will have to be used to keep our area looked after properly
MitsyG 14 May The pictures of the rubbish on Gwenver are an absolute disgrace, it just shows the lack of respect for others. They obviously had to carry all of the bags etc down to the site full, so why not take the empties back, it makes you wonder what their houses are like!!    
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