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Blue Flag for Sennen !

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17 May Seamus

Just read this great news on the BBC's Cornwall pages:

"Twenty five  of the South West's best beaches have been awarded the coveted
Blue Flag Award.  In Cornwall nine beaches have won including Porthmeor,
Sennen Cove, Porthminster  and Porthtowan."

What fantastic news for Sennen and a reflection of the  hard work by the
locals to keep the area perfect for us holidaymakers. We really  do appreciate it!
Can't wait to be there this summer, only 44 days to go!




19 May

Looking at the photos of rubbish left at Gwenver I can but wonder if the same selfish people have heard the great news that Sennen has been awarded a blue flag . Somehow I doubt it.I do hope the noxious pile has been removed and dealt with by those more considerate of the world around them.  If the wrong rubbish is left in my recycling bin the local council are swift to remind me of the error of my ways. Perhaps some kind soul with a strong stomach could check for any evidence of those responsible. If found, the offending pile should be returned to their front door!

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