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18th May

The First & Last Stores - Jacksons - is to close tomorrow after many years serving the people of Sennen. Following close on the loss of fuel at the local garage, it marks yet another sad day in the demise of the Cornish Sennen.

Very best wishes to Roger and Sheila, and Terry and Jennifer
for a long and happy retirement.



Andrew 21 July Not that we're biased in any way, honest guv', but There is The Old
Boathouse down in the Cove. Can't compete with Jackson's on the fresh meat
front and only open 8 months of the year but the bacon, sausages and burgers
are from Old's, all top quality local meat, and more can be ordered with
enough notice. Even have Cornish bananas - at least that's what it said on
the box they came in. 'Course there is a slightly larger store in Penzance
if you fancy the 20 mile round trip
RAV 20 July I would hazard a guess that shopping at Tesco's could have been a
significant factor in the decision to close the First & Last Stores in the
first place.
Is there a Tesco's in Penzance that sells petrol cheaper than Zax's used to?
What's that old saying - "Use it or lose it"?
Don't take it personally - it's happening everywhere.
Phil Edwards 19 July
So, nobody eats fresh food in the Sennen are any more now that the First and Last Stores have closed.  Please tell me you don't have to go to Tesco
Phil Edwards 13 June As regulars to Sennen and users of the stores, they will be greatly missed for our two weeks.  Any suggestions as to where we should now shop for fresh meat and veg', yet still support the local economy?
Rod 5 June One of my favourite memories of living in Sennen was the smell of smoked
bacon and Hogs Pudding that welcomed customers into the First & Last Stores.
You certainly won't get that in Tesco's!

What with Zak on the petrol pumps and Josie with the milk - good times,
sadly missed.

Please add my best wishes for a long and happy retirement to all concerned
over the years.
Tony 4 June
My Granny and Granddad lived in Sunny Corner Lane and I remember as a child Jacksons delivering to them (I am now 46 living in London, so that gives you some idea of the timeframe). I also remember going to the petrol station across the road to fill up with fuel, and if my memory is correct it was Zak who filled up the cars?
It is sad to see these parts of village life disappear.


1 June

Is this the big grey shop with the butchers inside?  Has it been bought as a going concern?  Very sad to see this close - a big feature of our holidays was to go and do our shopping here with the children

.... afraid that`s the one .... don`t think it will continue as a shop

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