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Dog fouling on the beach

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David 3 December

I am a dog owner and always clean up after my dog no matter where I am; I have been in the middle of a forest or up the side of a mountain and have always cleaned up after my dog. I don’t think you can just blame the people on holiday as this seems to be the same wherever you go these days. I must say I have not noticed this problem in Sennen but I have not been there since Jan 07 but I will be back in March 08 with my Family, dog and Friends to enjoy the beautiful walks from Sennen and also the Old Success Inn. I don’t know why people do not clean up after their dogs, but I bet it is the same reason that people just leave their litter on the beach, they are just lazy and do the same no matter where they are.


2 November
On a recent visit to Sennen Cove, myself, my husband and our 2 very young daughters were enjoying pottering on the beach and paddling in the waves - what a way to while away the hours!  But we were just astounded at the attitude and practice of a lot of dog owners.  Not sure whether this is due to my naivety or not - but a lot of dog owners seemed oblivious to their dogs fouling the beach, just covered the mess with a quick kick of sand or walked away from the mess they made.
Am I just stupid to expect users of the beach to care about the state of the beach for themselves and everyone else?  To think that being a blueflag beach actually means something?
We spent a couple of mornings on the beach in glorious October sunshine and saw a mum with a toddler watching her dog foul the beach and only deigning to kick some sand over the mess (not sure what difference this is supposed to make and this was next to the slope at the beach cafe so everyone would be walking into it), another dog weed on our pram (the owner wasn't watching and was not aware till I pointed this out), a teenage boy's dog pooed just by our pram (I passed him a nappy sack to clear the mess and later saw him and his apparently respectable family walking around Sennen) and a couple of young women just ignoring their dogs and clearly not aware while they pooed on the beach.  So basically all age groups etc seemed to ignore the requirement to clear up mess made by their dogs.
Just for the record - I like dogs but is it just me or is this unacceptable??  Is it accepted practice that dogs can fowl the beach no questions asked as soon as 1st October arrives and anyone who isn't happy with this should just clear out?  Not sure how surfers/parents of young children/pregnant women or in fact anyone on the beach feels about this. 




Bob 13 Nov
How lucky you all are to live in such a beautiful place whilst the rest of us have to scrimp and save for a whole year just to spend a week being ripped off for car parking the price of alcohol and poor food and service.
That be as it may i wouldnt miss it for the world,but what a pity people walking their dogs on sennen beach let themselves down.
We were there on sunday the 8th of november beach crowded with dogs and surfers fantastic i thought but i became a bit wary of dog walkers lurching towards me carrying the obligatory blue bag of dog poo its allmost the latest designer accessory.
But what a shame when we reached the end of the beach where the rocks seperate it from the next beach, there it was a 
large pile of blue bags full of doggy doos below the tide line,just waiting to be washed into some poor surfers dreadlocks  i felt quite sorry for them i cant even look at the bag of poo without feeling squeamish.
Anyway my point is whats the use of picking it up carrying it all along the beach just to leave it in a heap. Out of sight out of mind i suppose.
One last thing open mike night at the star inn best entertainment in cornwall long may it continue
Karen 9 November
It is sad that some dog owners do not clear up after themselves and in response to the poor chap who got told off for picking it up - well there are biodegradable dog poop bags now, that might have made the lady who told you off a bit more happy. Sadly lots of people do not clear up after their dogs, just thank goodness that we don't all take cows for a walk!!!!! (I do, and have always picked up after my dogs, I wouldn't want to walk in it!) Missing being in Sennen, dog poo or not, it's still a lovely place!
David 9 November My wife and I are fairly regular visitors to Sennen, along with our two
dogs. We always clear up after them. If you do the same walk each day, you
run the risk of stepping in it yourself if you don't. If we are walking them
alone, we keep one on the lead and the other off, so that they can do their
business, so "I can't keep my eyes on them both" doesn't apply.

Quite recently, when walking them on a local beach to us, we were approached
by a 'Lady' who told us off for picking it up! Her reason? "It will only be
another plastic bag in the landfill, let nature's flush do it's business".

So it seems that you're dammed if you do and you're dammed if you don't. I
think that I will ignore the 'Lady' and keep on picking it up! Shame that
some don't and shame on them! Sorry on the behalf of all responsible owners
to the people who have been inconvenienced by the thoughtless owners out
there. We ain't all bad 'un's.
Les & Sue 8 November
Does it really matter if they are local dogs or visitor dogs fouling on beach.
It is the responsibility of each owner to clean up after their dogs.
As they say leave nothing on the beach except your footprints.
Rebecca 7 November This problem isn't just on the beaches, if you look at the school newsletter you'll see we have an awful problem here too:

"I have to start on an angry note today. We have just come in from morning playtime and we had to pick up eight, yes eight lots of dogs mess. This has happened everyday this week. We have had children step in it. They have got it on their clothes, and have actually fallen in it! The threat to health is very severe and it would be awful if we had to stop using part of our play area because of someone’s inability to walk their dog responsibly. If anyone knows who is letting their dog out, obviously on its own, please would they tell me and I will speak to them. If it continues I will be contacting Penwith District Council to send the dog warden out to apprehend the offending animal or animals! 

Sorry about that but it had to be said."


We walk to school most days and just about every day my children have to avoid yet another lot of mess somewhere on the pavement.



Monica 5 November I have been visiting Cornwall for over 20 years, the last 10 being in Sennen and always bring our two dogs.

I stay down at Nanquidno Valley and I must say I see local people park up, walk their dogs to the coastal path and back to their cars .  They NEVER pick up the mess their dogs leave and it is usually in the middle of the path, not even on the side.  This happens every day and the footpath is literally covered in dog mess.  Local's dog mess!!

I come down to Sennen twice a year and go to Whitesands every day.  I have never seen any dog mess on this beach and I think holidaymakers are so glad to be able to take their dogs onto a beach, that they are very conscious - keeping an eye on their dogs and if they do foul, clear it up straight away.  It seems to me that this could need local addressing and not putting the blame on  holiday makers.

...that should liven things up a bit - blaming the locals !
Seamus 4 Nov
I have to say that in all the years I've been visiting Sennen I have never once seen dog mess on the beach. I realise that I visit during the summer peak season when dogs are banned from the beach, and I don't want to diminish the problem of dog mess when they are allowed on the beach out of season, but I wanted to make the point of never seeing dog mess during the summer in case people read the other messages and think it goes on a lot during the season and that Sennen is a dirty beach.
Porthcurno has always been our favourite beach, although we come to Sennen beach too, but Porthcurno is falling out of favour with us now that we have seen raw sewerage being pumped into the sea during our last two holidays. The sewerage outfall is just under the Minack theatre but I understand it is not directly from the theatre. I sent a letter of complaint to South West Water eighteen months ago but they said the outfall is controlled so that it only discharges just after a high tide so all the sewerage is taken out to sea... not much consolation when you are fishing off the rocks just beyond the outfall! Whilst fishing we have witnessed the outfall discharging well before high tide. South West Water assured me that the problem will go away once the present works are completed.
Just after our holiday in 2006, friends of ours who were at Porthcurno a week later than us, said the lifeguards actually closed the sea to bathers because the sewerage was so bad on that day and was being washed ashore! We haven't witnessed that but it is
Sandy 4 Nov

We come to Cornwall several times a year and, having two dogs, are very
conscious of keeping beaches, footpaths etc. clear of dog mess. On a
walk to Men an Tol during the summer it amazed us at the number of
inconsiderate dog owners. I don't know what the answer is but it's a
shame that a few selfish dog owners give the rest of us a bad name

Tracey 3 Nov

We have a jack Russell who we ALWAYS clear up after.  But she is a BITCH and we have been accosted by people in the past demanding that we ‘clear up’ after our dog when all she has done is squat to have a wee.  However, we spend a lot of time on various beaches due to our daughters’ sport and spent a lovely day two weeks ago at Poole walking our dog on the beach - only to be dismayed that there was quite a lot of poo on the sand so it isn’t just lovely Sennen but a minority of dog owners in general I think.  It would be interesting to know how many of these so called dog/beach lovers are actually locals.  

Allan 3 Nov
I too spent a weekend with my wife at Sennen two weeks ago and was appalled at the amount of dogs on the beach with irresponsible owners letting them poo everywhere, luckily we didn't step in any of it as the flies told us where it was and there was a lot of it.  Don't people read, there is a notice saying there is a £50 fine for anyone NOT clearing their dog mess up.  Who enforces this law because from what we saw there was no one.  We were also at Sennen in the summer and there were dogs on the beach then as well which are supposedly banned as a requirement of being awarded the Blue Flag status.  The lifeguards turned a blind eye so it doesn't look like anyone is really bothered, rules or no rules.


3 November

i wrote very strongly about this last year even in the high summer people still let their dogs wander and do their business on the beach even though they are not allowed on the beach and that there are life guards on duty who turn a blind eye, people see the rescue dog with them [bilbo]and seem to think if its ok for them then why not us! There should be large signs up in the car parks and particularly at the one at the top of the hill as this seems where all the dog owners come from i am always on the look out for dogs on the beach as i have 2 children who do not want to come into contact with the dog mess its not fair to let these selfish people get away with it i was told last year that a dog warden patrols but how can 1 person be down on the beach all day when he is covering other beaches the answer is LARGE NO DOGS SIGNS AND IF THEY DO BREAK THE LAW THEN THEY SHOULD BE FINED ON THE SPOT,  steve

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