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Old Maria`s Lane Photograph

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2 October

I have been asked for information on an old photograph. The photo can be
seen at



John Fincham 16th October
I lived  Sea View end of Marias Lane 1940  1946 would love to see photo, was it near i think was Roberts who had the woodwork premises?
Colin & Denise 16 Oct
As far as we know the cottage was occupied by Dickie and his wife Maria whence the name Marias Lane originated.


3 October

I remember the cottage as a ruin - walls only standing - in the early 1950's. Refered to as "Dickie's" cottage I recall. I think it belonged to a member of the George family who were still living there in the late 1920's. (Mind you, that doesn't narrow down the search very much!!)My mother remembers walking past the cottage on her way to Sennen school around that time, Mrs George's name was possibly Sarah-Jane(??).
Last I heard the ruin was still there with some form of preservation order on it.

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