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Refuse collectors dumping litter

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3 October

We hear that the bin men were checking contents of the green boxes on their collection in the Cove on Monday and any item that shouldn`t have been in the boxes was simply thrown onto the pavement and left there.
Should they not be issued with fixed penalties for dumping litter ?



Lizzie 14 Oct Of course bin men shouldn't root through rubbish put out for recycling and
throw it about
 - but how come you aren't aware that some plastics can be recycled and some
can't in this
'climate of recycling awareness', Corin? Oxfordshire County Council need to
do a better
job of educating people about recycling.

Of course it's ridiculous that there can be a wrong sort of plastic. It's
not the bin men or your local
county council who need a kick up the back side. If anyone deserves a
kicking, It's the
manufacturers who keep producing plastics that can't be recycled .

The truth is, we live on a beautiful, but rather small island and there
isn't enough room
for all the waste we're producing at the current rate to go into landfill,
because we're running
out of space. We've got to stop throwing everything away and recycle
everything we can.

We all need to educate ourselves about what can and can't be recycled and
learn what to put
in which bin. And the sooner we learn the better it will be for us all. As a
general rule of thumb,
plastic milk containers and water bottles can be recycled and most other
plastic containers,
like those flat plastic trays that fruit and veg bought in supermarkets are
often packaged in can't.

It's a pain but there's no escaping it.  I'm going to miss cling film - I'm
pretty sure that it can't be
recycled so I've decided that once the roll I've got is finished I'm not
going to buy any more 
... gusty sigh ...


11 Oct

I was in Sennen on 3rd October and saw the men walking around with what was clearly an official (armed with a clipboard) no doubt doing as you have reported - checking the contents of recycling boxes and possibly making note of offenders.

I live in Oxfordshire and we have for some time had exactly the same issue, things they don't want left strewn around with no explanation as to why to help educate us to put the right things out.

I once called the local County Council to complain and was told it must have been 'the wrong sort of plastic' - ridiculous that in this climate of recycling awareness there can even be a wrong sort.

I fear the suggestion of a penalty might not get too far but these people need a kick up the backside - are they providing a service or not?


4 October

Yes they should be, if there's something in the bin that shouldn't be there,
they should leave the bin and not empty it. Leaving a note for the owner to
do a better job next time. That's what would happen here, although we have a
very good service, with 3 wheelie bins. 1 small one for household rubbish, 1
large one for recycling and 1 large one for garden waste. Rubbish picked up
weekly, recycling fortnightly and garden monthly. We have a informative
quide telling us what goes in what, so there's not reason for us to muck it

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