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14 August


I find it very interesting that the Portuguese Men o' War (technically not Jelly Fish) are back in Whitesand Bay and, I gather, from the BBC, in Western Cornwall - they even reached the national news this morning  filmed on Sennen beach, but name not mentioned!  I first came to that part of Cornwall in 1956 and they have been washed up on the beach in numbers with warnings not to touch etc. since then.  My family and I saw them every year that we came down (three or four years in a row) and on odd occasions since there have always been one or two.  I would be interested to know from any Wildlife Trust spokesperson whether the records go back that far, and are there really more now than then.  I know other creatures seem to be arriving in these waters as they warm up, but I do wonder sometimes whether climate change is in danger of skewing scientific objectivity.  By the way I do not doubt the fact of climate change I just think we must be careful that we do not over egg the pudding so to speak.  

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