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RAF Sennen Barracks 1945

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1 February

I am looking for any information regarding an RAF Barracks that that was in Sennen in 1945. My brother Terrance Anthony Stephens was born their and we are trying to find out any information on his birth place we can



Mike 14 March
Several people have responded to my entry under RAF Barracks 1945 on your website but I am unable to contact them personally.
Can you please add my email address so that they can contact me direct.
Mike Ford (Stephens)
Ann 12 March I well remember the missen huts where the harbour Car park is now and also where the Pedn Dhu row of maisonettes and flats are now.  I knew some of the people living in the huts during the war.  What was your mothers name?  Was it Doris? 
KR Lennart 10 March

Do not know about the air force. Cragford above Gwenver was built in the 50’s replacing military barracks on the site.

Paul 18 February
My late father was stationed at Sennen,with the RAF,he always told me that most personel were billited at the Sennen Hotel.A few, including himself,were billited in local farms.He enjoyed himself away from RAF routine,he also enjoyed  good food.My father was a gunner I believe his gun enplacement
was at Lands End.
Paul Rendle
John 14 February My late Father was in the RAF Skewjack, he came back to Sennen 1945 from Burma to sick bay at Sennen we left 1946, any news on yourselves?
Maggie 12 February An interesting read with some relevant information is the Parish Book of Sennen published by Halsgrove in 2007. It might also be worth getting in touch with the local history group involved with this as no doubt they are aware of more information than was actually published. I do recommend the book to anyone interested in Sennen and the area around it. It's a timely reminder to all that there is a great deal more to the place than unforgettable scenery.
Michael 10 Feb My memories of RAF Sennen was that when we played football against the RAF was a very long run down hill to get the ball if it went over the bar at one end. Thanks for the mention of The Lizard, my home town, but now in England for my sins. Came here as a missionary, but joined the Police as soon as I realised how bad the English were [joke].Michael P..
Isobel 3 Feb
Thank you John that was very interesting.  Sennen Cove is my spiritual home.
Isobel Smith
John 2nd February Take it you've seen


2nd February

I have been told that Sennen Heights, the block of flats on the hillside
behind the harbour, was used as a barracks around the time of WW2. At
that time, it was part of the Sennen Hotel (now also flats).

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