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Think this one has run enough !
Anne 15 August

Bad weather !
Hubby,dog and myself holiday in Sennen sometimes twice a year , always in middle of February and occasionaly end of October for the last 5 years.

We have had more nice days walking along the beach and sitting outside having our lunch,than rainy days.
On the odd occasion the gales have kept us up all night, with the wind sounding like a locamotive coming through the front of the house, but most of the time it's just glorious.

I love the Sennen I see, never a sea mist, me and my dog the 1st footprints on the beach as soon as dawn breaks, the best sunsets seen anywhere in the world, and if you are wondering those Summer visitors for the last 3 years on the trot the dolphines have come into the bay and seemed to play with surfers in the cove, PERFECT just perfect.

Please don't take this as an advert stay away in the winter months and leave me and my family to enjoy the Sennen we love.

Kelvin 16 July I'd just like to make it clear that my previous comments were not directly specifically at Lorraine, seeing them on the forum immediately after her entry certainly makes it look that way! but it honestly wasn't - please don't feel "told off" - if it ever transpires that we're both in Sennen Cove at the same time, I'll buy you a drink - as long as you agree to stand outside and sup regardless of what the weather's like?

Back to the weather, has anyone ever considered putting together a montage of daily shots, one for each day of a whole year in the Cove?  it could offer a real instant visual representation of just how changeable, or consitent, the weather in the Cove can be . . it could even be an entry for the Turner Prize?  if somebody does that and wins i'll be expecting a percentage!

Anyway, going on the last couple of entries, seems to me the best months for weather might be May and September? 

Here's hoping the Old Success might look forward to being fully booked in those months next year?

Looks pretty nice down there today - enjoy it all . . while it lasts?  ;-)
Liz M 16 July
Have to say, I came to Sennen (as I do every year!!) on 21st June for 2 weeks & on the whole, the weather was delightful!  We had 2/3 rainy days, but only one of those was the sort of day you wouldn't venture out in & we had several lovely, lazy days on the beach & I even got in the sea 4-5 times!  I always come late May - late June-ish & this always seems to be the case for me - maybe I'm just lucky.
But I wouldn't want to go anywhere else for my hols - unless I lived there year round!  One day, please God!
Sarah 15 July The weather in sennen has always been this way.  I used to go to Sennen every summer holidays for about ten years when I was younger - (about 25 years ago)  hours were spent on the beach under the umbrella wrapped in a towel.  I remember looking out of cove view windows (before it was converted) watching the rain.
I came back the first week of May - and i would recommend that week - there has been great weather the last two year on that week and this year did not disappoint.  Beautiful sunshine the whole week!   
Will have to comment though that the cove has scarily not changed that much at all. (which is a very good thing!)

Lorraine 15 July
Ok, I wasn't complaining about it raining when I'm on holiday in Cornwall or any of that.  I feel properly told off!  I was having a whinge because I was feeling miserable about it having rained for about a week here, where I live (terribly sefl-indulgent I know).  It's July, and I don't think it's too much to ask for a little bit of dry weather, just for a change, y'know, to lift the spirits a little?  Anyway, I feel better now having had some nice sunshine today.  Hope everyone else has too. 
Lorraine, Bath.
Kelvin 14th July I thought an obsession with the weather, or at least whingin about it, was a peculiarly English (as opposed to Cornish) trait?!  Is this concept of "wet sunshine" indicative of some Celtic affinity with the elements that us foreigners lack?

My first visit to Sennen Cove, possibly 10 years ago, was in October.  It was wet, windy and sunshine was rarely more than a suggestion on the horizon.  Even then, there was something magical about the place.  I do wonder if perhaps the best first acquaintance with the Old Success might actually be coming in out of the wind and rain rather than the sunshine? I also think that if you only ever see Cornwall through a window of uniformly sunny days during one weeks holiday in July, you're missing out on so much more?  Many of my visits since have been in September and the weather has often been fantastic - I can remember about 4 years ago swimming at Porthcurno in the last week of September when the beach was physically too hot to lie on!

It's very easy to let poor weather spoil a holiday, but it's just as easy to say sod it I'm gonna enjoy this - either you decide, or you let the elements dictate your mood - your choice, but think about it for a moment, I can hardly imagine a working fisherman saying "bit of drizzle in the air, think I'll leave it today" and I think some of the most inspiring pics on the website are those of surfers out there in the winter months in what I imagine are 3 inch thick wetsuits?  Nutters! but I still aspire to be one of those nutters.

There's a lot of debate around at the moment about the resurgence of the British holiday and about the South West as an "all year round" destination.  I reckon for those of us who've discovered what Cornwall has to offer, there's never been any doubt about either.

Of course the other thing we tourists should remember is that the people who live and work in Cornwall have no choice, they have to live and work with the weather (good and bad) day in day out.  Isn't it just a bit selfish and illustrative of what is perhaps a romantic and unrealistic view we have, that we feel cheated because the weather wasn't perfect for the few days we chose to go there?  The reality isn't the picture postcard, it is so much more than that but maybe we (the tourists) owe it to the people who live and work in Cornwall to work that bit harder at appreciating it and not take it for granted?  or grumble when our all to unrealistic expectations aren't met - you can't change the weather, but you can change your expectations and your attitude!

So, my suggestion is; buy yourself some decent weatherproof clothing, take a few cold showers to prepare you for the initial shock of the surf (it really isn't that bad once you get your breath back) and get stuck in :-)  otherwise you'll end up sat back at work dwelling on what might have been instead of smiling about the good stuff you did - maybe it wasn't the weather that prevented you, but your own apathy?  Where's the rule that says you can't swim in the rain? if anything the coastal walks are even more spectacular when the weather gets wild, and as far as I know the pubs don't stop cookin or turn the pumps off just cus it got a bit cloudy - it's as good, or bad as you make it!  :-)

Kelvin, Leicester.
Lorraine 12 July
Heard on the radio this morning that the second half of July should be better than the first, weather wise.  Fingers crossed then.  Don't we all deserve it?
I Like Pete's comment about the sunshine in Cornwall sometimes being the wet sort - very true and, to agree with Chris, I would much rather be in Sennen than anywhere else, even if it is raining.  We tempted fate this afternoon by having a BBQ and got rained on but, like true Brits, we stayed outdoors (under a big umbrella).
Shirley 12 July

I brought my mother to sunny Cornwall last week – didn’t wear a jumper once – got a good tan just having lunch at the Little Barn out in the sun, walked on the beach with the dogs every day and dodged all the showers. My daughter and her boyfriend are there this week and they have also walked on the beach each day – don’t forget Cornwall has its own ‘micro climate’ – sometimes you just have to chase the sun around a bit – but it’s always better then being at home, even the bad days are good on holiday in Cornwall….. roll on September, til then will just have to make do with the daily pics and updates.

Simon 12 July As an exile, I ought to know better, but am returning next week for a weeks
camping with friends- I must be B*****y mad. They have this vision of long
hot days on the beach- mine is one boosting St Austell Brewery profits by
sitting in the pub trying to keep dry and warm. But don't let that put you
Pete 11 July As a near neighbour Lorraine I know what you mean about the weather here and
at Sennen at the moment but the way we look at, there is always sunshine in
Cornwall,sometimes the dry sort sometimes the wet sort,hopefully more of the
dry sort to come over the next few months. Pete ,Bristol.
Chris 11 July It did look pretty bleak in Wednesday's photo, Lorraine and I share your
sympathy for those dependent on tourism for income.
We've had two weeks in the Cove  earlier this year and in February we
had lovely weather.
We will be travelling down to Penwith next weekend regardless. It can't
be any worse than last summer's journey when we spent the night stranded
on the M5 by floods.
Penwith, and Sennen Cove in particular, is a wonderful place to holiday.
I'd rather be there that here, whatever the weather.
Sandra 11 July Also watching the weather for the area. Would be great to have good weather when we come down in a week's time especially as we're camping but it won't spoil the fact that we will be in our favourite part of the country. Still great to get the pics most days.
Peter 11 July
I feel sorry for Lorraine and the countless other tourists, especially those with children, who head west for their holidays.
Perhaps it's time the Cornwall Association Of Tourist Attractions offered a "Rainy Day Discount"!
But do remember that Cornwall has a lot more to offer than it's beaches. If it is a sun soaked beach that you really need to guarantee for your holiday then maybe abroad you could go unitl your children are old enough to appreciate the cliff walks, fishing and mining heritage that Cornwall also offers.
Hope the weathers better when you come down!
Duncan 10 July Poor Lorraine,  just when she thought it couldn't possibly get any worse, by the time she gets to Sennen she'll find that the Old Success has turned into one of those awful gastro pubs that Bath is apparently awash with at the moment.
10 July
Ok, this isn't really news to anyone, and I know that it's our favourite topic as a nation but I've just looked at Wednesday's photo of the "wet and deserted beach in the middle of July" and now feel thoroughly depressed.
Can't believe we're having another such awful summer and really feel for the people in Sennen and every other coastal spot where a living is made from us tourists.
I got up this morning at 6 and it was raining and now at 8.20pm guess what?  It's still raining.  My children's sports day will more than likely be cancelled - it almost was last year and the year before that it was cancelled because the weather was too hot!  You just can't win in Dear Old Blighty.
We came down to Sennen in April for 2 weeks and I bravely shivered on the beach wearing wellies and about 5 layers (whilst my children ran around in next to nothing) and thought, well, at least it will be warmer when we come down in July. Ha!
Just been wondering who we can blame for this. The government?  Penwith Council? Aliens? 
I realise that someone will say global warming but that won't wash with me because right at this moment I don't feel very warm...
From a very bitter and miserable Lorraine in Bath






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