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14 March

I know that this forum is mostly for local news and views, but I cannot let the events of the past week go unnoticed.  With weather conditions the way they were, it makes those of us who live away from the coast realise just how ferocious and unpredictable the sea and the weather can be and what hard work it is for those who live with it all the time.  Looking at the dramatic and in many ways beautiful photographs one realises just how much we are at the mercy of nature.  Thank you for showing us all just how frightening but wonderful the sea can be and reminding us just how much we should respect it.



Ian 8 April
Hello from Winnipeg!
I saw the pictures and showed them to my expanded family here 4,380 odd miles away. We were awstruck, just as was everyone else, at the huge seas that crashed onto the shore there. The Atlantic can be feasome. Terry thanks for the great job you do with this site and especially with the pictures. My family and I moving back to Cornwall in a year or two and my boys are looking forward to a run on that beach in Whitesand bay.
Is there anyway to get postcards of the the storm online and so support, from this far away, the lifeboat station?
Also my kids enjoy the works photos you are now posting in the harbour. Hard to believe that where that bulldozer was working Monday, would have been several feet under water during the storm. Such a contrast in images is why I have this website as my homepage. Thanks again to all who contribute.
Chris & Sue 2 April

Thanks from us too for the superb coverage, especially for putting up the page of photos, I had the whole of my office clustered around looking over  my shoulder in astonishment. They couldn’t believe how high the spray was going until I showed them the 66 metre spot height on the OS map.


We were in the Cove last week and bought a couple of the excellent prints of Tim Stevens’ storm pictures from the lifeboat station shop.  Excellent photos and great value and now looking really good on our wall 400 miles from Sennen.

We’d advise anyone who enjoyed the storm pictures on here to get in there and buy some before they all go.  


14 March

Thank you so much for posting the photographs of the March 10 storm. I saw a little on Canadian television news but your collection of still images did so much more to communicate the awesome power of the sea. The images of the spray high over Pedn-men-du, Longships all but obliterated by the huge seas and the harbour filled with broiling water really captured the fearsome, yet exciting spectacle. In particular, the images of Longships made me reflect on the days when the lighthouse was manned; what did it sound and feel like; what type of man or woman would it take to sit through such a storm without losing their minds? I honestly can't imagine. Thank you to each of the contributing photographers for the most awesome series of photographs I have ever seen.

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