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Gwenver Clean-up

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23 March

Gwynver needs a lot of help and we are organizing a couple of beach cleans when the weather calms down a little, but mean time ANYONE who wants to, can help hugely by picking up any beach litter and starting the pile again.
We will be working hard to try to get the road reinstated and the wall, but every little bit will help while we are waiting.

The storms were amazing weren't they! But now comes the clean up.



Michelle 18 May "Thank you" to all who turned up to Gwynver today.  We got the path back, all the boulders moved and a granite casing for the beach debris rubbish done so all in all good day, as well as heaps of sacks of rubbish.
Thanks every one who came, Especially Flo and Charlie Adams, 2 hard working kids!
  22 April Sunday 18th May
Beach Clean on Gwenver - Late morning on ... bring gloves; bags provided.


6 April

Yes, what a mess. Jac and me have been collecting what we can and putting in the rubbish heap, but there is still an awful lot strewn around, especially in between the rocks.
What about arranging a day where everyone can get involved? We'd get loads done and it would be good fun too!

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