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`The Beach` just gets better!

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4th June

This note was prompted as my wife read someone's moan that the menu at The Beach had shrunk.

Strange that. We thought it was a good thing.

We only get home to Sennen every third or forth weekend and so every moment is precious.

First there's the garden to tend to. We can be pretty certain that it'll have a lashing by the wind and need a tidy up.

Then we walk up to Tregiffian, across the fields to Nanquidno and down through the lovely, always peaceful, Nanjulian Valley. Along the cliffs over Gwenver, then into The Beach for a reward. Hopefully finishing the night in the First and Last dancing like a fool.

Then Sunday we have to drive back to wherever the work is that month.

Recently there have been fewer silly notices at The Beach, and great food. I'm sure the staff are cheerier too, and that makes the experience. A simple menu of fantastic grub wins over a complex one any day for me. Well done to the team!

Kelvin Collins



19 July Seamus
We didn't use The Beach restaurant but we did use The Beach takeaway on many occasions. As always the staff were excellent. They were attentive to all the customers, even during very busy times, and the service was very quick and very friendly. The coffee is very good considering that it comes out of a vending machine and good value at £1.20.
It is no wonder The Beach has such a good reputation. It deserves it!
Jo 13 July
We took a friend to lunch at The Beach last time we were down (June), and had a fantastic meal - the staff were so friendly and attentive, the food (and wine) delicious, no hurry, no stress - we were all relaxed and certainly didn't notice a restricted menu.  Well done, The Beach, we'll be coming down again on 18 July and will certainly be calling in again to enjoy your lovely food.
Kate 11 June

I’m afraid I can’t agree that the new, simpler menu at The Beach is an improvement.   It seems to me that whilst the diversity of the menu has reduced the price has gone up significantly!   No one minds waiting for quality, tasty food.


Seriously miss the burgers and lemon cake!


Oliver 7th June ...And the hot chocolate! And the brownies are to die for.



6 June

I agree,  knowing how hard Pat, Dan and all  the staff have worked to 
get the restaurant running so smoothly, it's a great credit to them 
that it's doing so well.
              Head chef Justin's new menu is terrific,  no restaurant 
needs a huge menu,  just well chosen and imaginative dishes that use 
local produce.
The waiting staff are great,  they look smart and their attitude is 
first class.
             Finally and most importantly, the coffee's fantastic.

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